Sep. 29th, 2010

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So I'm back in Wales, and the first thing I'd like to complain about is how fucking cold it is. Seriously, I've been sharing a bed with [ profile] virtualdon and I've still been wearing my Kigu because I've been so cold. And people who own Kigus know those things get pretty warm over time.

The second thing I would like to complain about is Don's neighbor. She lives on the top floor flat, and her bedroom is directly over the top of her below neighbor's bedroom. Now people who know me well enough will know that my BIGGEST PET PEEVE is snoring/heavy breathing. I cannot get to sleep if the room isn't completely silent, and snoring and heavy breathing is the worst noise to my ears. The worst.

So. Her below neighbor is a snorer. A really fucking loud snorer, as I can hear him through the floor clear as a bell, and since he's downstairs, I cannot pelt him with pillows to get him to stop. Trying to go to sleep is like the most traumatic thing you guys because the noise gets progressively louder as I focus on it, until it's almost unbearable and I just want to cry. Last night I went to bed specifically early, so I'd be sleeping BEFORE THE SNORING STARTED. Not two minutes after I climbed into bed. It started. FML.

I've been combating it by listening to floaty nice nice music on my ipod but I don't have ear bud headphones so it makes sleeping really uncomfortable, and because one side of my speakers broke a couple of days ago, I can still hear him snoring through the music.

You have no idea how upsetting snoring is to me you guys, I am so stressed out and I have had to resort to sleeping during the day to get my batteries up to full, functioning mode. I am so glad I am not living on top of that after Friday. SO FUCKING GLAD.

OTHER THAN THAT THOUGH IT IS NICE TO BE BACK IN WALES EVEN THOUGH I AM SORT OF FREAKING OUT OVER FINAL YEAR. I move into my place on Friday, but I have no idea when my internet will be connected but it is my top priority. I can't wait to see [ profile] silverbrumby123 again :D I MISSED HER SO MUCH AND WE NEED TO CATCH UP LIKE THREE WEEKS AGO.



... /makes fang icons


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