purapea: (ya; tommy; wiggly fingers)
Pura ([personal profile] purapea) wrote2010-12-09 08:03 pm

this will probably mean nothing to the MAJORITY of my flist

SORRY FOR THE DOUBLE POST I should get a tumblr specifically for posting random crap or something.

So my mom puts up these 'festive' cards in or toilet every Christmas (we have a thing in the downstairs one where we put up funny birthday cards on the walls to amuse people idk???) and we've had the same ones for a long time. Now, I've seen all these before, but this one literally made me crack up so bad because it now has a SUITABLE REFERENCE and I'd never associated it with Young Avengers before. But god it is the funniest thing to me now.

Here is a picture of the card:


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