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Okay, as much as I love Christmas and having a break from university in the winter months, I've recently started to hate snow. It's okay the first day, but when I have to get to university on a bus that isn't there because it snowed and it's too cold to get in, or my plans are ruined because trains are canceled it really pissed me off. Like Oh my god.

I was supposed to be having [livejournal.com profile] necklaces for a few days, but because of the FIVE WHOLE INCHES we got last night, the trains have been in disarray all day and the UK has ground to a halt, and she can't come down. No planes are taking off from London Airports, a lot of people can't get to work because they're snowed in and it's impossible to get anywhere because people have been stealing the grit that's supposed to be for the roads and using it on their personal driveways (down my estate anyway).

The thing that frustrates me the most is that the UK is so unprepared for snow. We knew that the snow was coming about a week in advance, and it's still caused 'chaos' on all the transport. The few snowploughs that are actually out are getting abuse because people are so frustrated in their cars at being stuck in traffic jams for hours on ends. It's not like this in Canada. Or America. Or Finland for effing hell. How can the rest of the world function when there is a bit of snow, when the UK never seems to BE ABLE TO. And it doesn't matter at the amount. Schools around here close at a couple of centimeters of snow.

Don't mean to be a Grinch, but I've been looking forward to Maria coming over for about two weeks since I've not seen her since August, and the snow has completely ruined my plans because the UK is so incapable of functioning with it on the ground.

/flips the weather and the government and it's rise in student university fees whilst I'm at it

In LIGHTER news, me and my mom made lots of Christmas cookies last night, sugar cookies and gingerbread, and we're going to decorate them today. I'll post some pictures up later, since I made a couple of pretty awesome ones including a T-Rex with a Santa hat.

Also my paid account ran out the other day SOB. /STARES AT 15 ICONS

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