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love me dead;;
PURA♥ i'm a twenty two year old animation student at the university of wales, newport, with a love for 2-d animation. when i'm not on campus in wales, i live in the south east of england and in my spare time i roleplay, make icons, play video games, read comics, draw ridiculous fanart and spend hours with good friends in good coffee shops. i originate from bermuda which gives me a slight accent and apparent knowledge of the non-existent bermuda triangle.
this journal is not friends only and will be mostly filled with memes, fandom related things, occasional cupcakes, splashings of fanart and more often than not things going on in my life.

tommy shepherd @ theposthumans
beast boy @ theposthumans
pinkie pie @ theposthumans

young avengers pokémon runaways final fantasy xiii kingdom hearts big bang theory marvel homestuck
tengen toppa gurren lagann teen titans misfits glee
adventure time with finn and jake how i met your mother supernatural my little pony: friendship is magic
young justice +anima


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