Feb. 24th, 2010 02:40 pm
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I'm working on this big group project at the moment as the story artist, which I have no objections with. The thing I have an objection with is that the director is apparently a morning person, which means he's making us get up at unearthly hours, an I find it hard to function before 11am normally. And since I'm getting up early, I'm exhausted by about 3pm and usually pass out for a couple of hours in the evening. Which in turn means that I'm not really tired till about 3 in the morning and the VICIOUS circle continues. I seriously need to sort out this sleeping pattern of mine, because i'm just existing as a zombie at the moment which is not helpful to anyone, especially not when I have weight to pull in this project. Augggh ;A;

Also the latest what if Wednesday at XI had me in tears last night. 8(

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haha, it's amazing how one little thing can make you feel hugely inadequate as a person. yay my brain.

Oh, I'm not going to be around much at all over the next few days. That project I was supposed to hand in last week wasn't handed in, and so I've given myself another deadline for Friday. I hope I can get it done because I want to have it all finished before Maria gets here so we can have fun on the weekend, instead of it just being me fretting, since if it's not in by friday I'll drop two grades instead of just one. That plus I have a reading week project to do critical analysis on 5 showreels and then make my own. Annnnd instead of giving us three weeks, our tutor only just told us, which leaves us with one.

So, uh. See y'all around.


Dec. 11th, 2009 11:11 am
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a holiday treat meme
cookie milk scroll

Update on my animation: I should've finished all the rough by Wednesday, but that never happened because I've been really sick all this week. Figures. I'm not sure if I'm going to finish this in time, but I've also found out that the deadline hasn't actually been moved. It's still the 15th of January, but the teacher wants it all finished by the 15th of December. I already know one of our group isn't handing anything in @___@ But even if I don't finish it in time for next week, hopefully I'll be able to finish it over Christmas if I get my essay out of the way quickly. Of course, this is only a backup plan, in case I don't finish. I really want to finish 8|a

I've got two and a bit scenes to finish, both of which are sort of easy (the little bit isn't as much) but then I can go linetest everything and make sure it works. It better work. Or I'm going to be crying in frustration again, derp. And then it's onto lineart and colouring, then editing. I have no idea if I'm putting sound in @____@ I have no time! And then when I finish this animation, I have to move onto another one. Thankfully I have some sort of idea what i'm going to do (possibly watercolour Rorschach ink blots reacting to different noises) so it's not a complete lost cause. I'm just worried because I haven't done any of the research, and the official hand-in for that is before christmas. Something tells me I'm going to give up with my 2D and work on this other project this weekend :x

Wish me luck guys

Edit: ALSO! Does anyone who uses GPX Plus know what the hell the mystery counter is for? It's driving me insane not knowing.
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Man, I love my 2D animation teacher, but he doesn't half like to work us to the bone. I'm figuring that he's thinking 'it's for their own good because third year is going to slaughter them' but cutting a deadline by three weeks is not nice. And it's not fair either since, you know. We have a fuckton of work to do, and 3D and stop-motion don't have much at all and they still have till after Christmas to hand everything in. RRRFHHN.

On top of that, the deadline coincides with ANOTHER project, which we were originally doing in groups, till one of the group decided to do things on her own. Which is fair, but now me and [ profile] silverbrumby123 are actually fucked because there is no way we can do two full colour with sound, 1-2 minute animations in a week and a half. Though, I always say this and I always somehow do it. I'll just become a sparkly vampire and not sleep. Needless to say, I'll probably be scarce till after the projects are done. @_@

It's just frustrating because this is all going on when I'm sick, so I've not been motivated to work because I can't get out of bed. The nurses have no idea what's wrong with me, so I'm having blood tests in a couple of weeks to see if they can work it out, but it's nothing too major. It's the same thing I was dealing with last year around this time, (that no matter how much sleep I get I'm constantly tired thing) but it was connected to depression last time, and I know I'm not depressed. Hell, if it wasn't for all stress with the animation stuff, I'd be hecka happy. Not to say that I'm not, just the stress sometimes gets to you. So it's not depression. It might be anemia or a thyroid problem or something connected to PCOS, but we honestly wont know till I get bloods done. YAY. Blood tests are my favorite thing ever. Can you hear my sarcasm.

Other than those stuff, I've actually.. got practically all my Christmas shopping done. Which is insane since I usually leave it till the last minute. BUT THIS YEAR I'VE LIKE, ALREADY WRAPPED EVERYTHING. I'm sort of surprised at myself. Now if only I could get myself to be like that about work. Derp.

Anyways, enough ranting, here, have Tommy and Billy as Pokemon:

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So, at the beginning of this year we all had to chose a specialism that we would do for the next twelve weeks. I picked 2D digital mostly because I want to specialize in this in the industry and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do 3D just quite yet.

The tutor we have gave us all a project straight away - character performance! Which is awesome! - and sent us away to start work on it. All the while, the 3D and Stop motion students aren't exactly doing much. They have workshops, but other than that, no brief, no deadlines, and no idea that apparently we're all supposed to produce one minute of animation at the end of the twelve weeks.

We're almost six weeks in, and one of my fellow 2D-ers told me that apparently we have to have all the animation done by Tuesday where we're getting marked on all the rough stuff (the 2D specialism includes clean up and digital coloring, which we're given another six weeks to do). None of the other two groups are getting a crit or getting marked, and I only just started animating a couple of days ago because I was pretty sure I had till at least next Friday to finish everything up. To make matters worse, I'm going home this weekend. And not coming back till Tuesday afternoon. And apparently, this crit is worth half our overall grade.

I'm just sort of... astounded about how extremely unfair this is. Our tutor told us there would be a crit, but not that it was going to be worth any part of our overall grade and on top of that, none of the other groups are getting marked. Hell, none of the other groups actually have any WORK, and I've basically been living in the studio all this week, trying to get stuff done. And it's not going to get done.

There's no way I can produce 30 seconds of animation tonight. I can give it a go but, it'll most likely be horrible quality, and I'm kind of twitchy about that. I can always take my lightbox home with me and do some work at home, but by the time I get back to uni I wont have time to linetest it. And it's not like I'd actually do work at home since it's my first time since I started uni that I'd be going home AND my Aunt from Bermuda is over and I'll be spending my time with her. All I can do is try and get as much done as I can, and put it all together on a really rough animatic that I did. So it would be really incomplete, and some scenes would just be keyed, but it would give an idea of what I want it to look like if I was given another week.

I'm hoping that a lot of the other guys are in a similar boat as me, because seriously. I'm going to be so unfairly fucked otherwise.


aaaaaa why

Aug. 30th, 2009 12:32 am
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So today I got the most horrifically depressing idea for a Young Avengers fanfiction, and I have decided to share my woe.

At dinner tonight, we were watching ER, and it was about this kid who went to the movies and bicycled home with his friends, but got run over before he got home. He went into a coma and his grandmother had to decide whether to take him off of life support and let him go because he was brain dead, or to keep him on life support.

The kids name was Billy.

Which of course made me think that him being in 616!Earth was all a coma induced dream. And the fic would switch from him doing missions on the team, having fun and meeting teddy and falling in love and shit and the grandmother trying to come to terms with her decision, trying to tell herself that when she squeezed his hand it was just a spinal reflex, not him squeezing back. Eventually, she'll turn the life support off, which will either make Billy's dream fade away and he'd die in the 616!world too, or he'd be trapped there.

I almost cried as I was thinking it up.

But uh, yeah. I'm a terrible person.

/adds it to her fic-that-needs-to-be-written-but-probably-never-will list.

In other news I've started watching Supernatural as LivingTV started it from the first season, and though I missed the first episode I'm rather enjoying it so far! Dean is so cute, I want to squish his face. I'm also happier that Cap might be played by Dean's actor in the avengers film. I think he'd make a cute Cap.


May. 9th, 2009 11:22 pm
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My evening has been rather eventful.

Firstly, I was bored at like.. 7pm so I texted my friend [ profile] silverbrumby123 to see if she wants me to make her dinner. She did! So I made a really quick stir fry out of like NOTHING and it was really tasty! It had red onion, bean sprouts, water chestnuts bamboo shoots and garlic and noodles and sausages and this nice sauce too. I actually surprised myself because it was damn good and I'd basically thrown everything together in like 5minutes.

Then we decided to watch a movie since we are slowly getting our way through the entire Disney collection we both own (which is a lot) and about 5 minutes into Lilo and Stitch one of my room mates knocks on my door. Let me just.. tell you that I NEVER see anyone is my flat. Nobody talks to me, and nobody is ever around, so this in itself is odd. I answer it and there is Michael, the Korean boy down the hall that doesn't speak much English, holding something in his hand looking at me with a worried expression.

I asked him what I could do for him, and he held his hand up and said Help, and.. it was absolutely GUSHING with blood. Gushing. It was dripping all on the floor and he didn't seem to be in pain but oh my god. There was so much blood. I ushered him back into the kitchen, and cleaned him up to discover that the wound is really really deep - so deep that I could see his BONE (he cut himself right where your index finger joins your hand). It also refused to stop bleeding after about 5 minutes of putting pressure on it. The kitchen floor was covered in blood too, as was the sink, and I then called campus security because this was way too big for me to deal with on my own.

They came down, bandaged him, and then, since it was refusing to stop its relentless bleeding, decided to take him to hospital to get stitches and a Tetanus shot because he cut it on a TIN and could have Tetanus. After they left I had to clean up all the blood in the kitchen and on the hallway door with the help of my friend, before we finished Lilo and Stitch - which I'd missed like half of.

Its a good thing that only needles really wig me out and I'm not majorly squeemish or I'd totally have fainted. @____@



Apr. 30th, 2009 12:55 pm
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Just taking a quick break from work to tell you guys what is actually going down with shit.

I'm officially on Hiatus until hand everything in. Considering my deadline is tomorrow (Friday) I'll probably be back over the weekend if I finish my essay - which at this point is looking doubtful. I finished draft storyboarding and now am redoing the frames using a stick and indian ink which is taking forever since I have to wait for some of the frames to dry. i only tested the draft one when it was halfway through, so I don't even know if the later scenes work as an animatic. Once I've finished redrawing (I have about 30 shots left) I've got to film it, edit it, find royalty free music which will suit the animatic, time it and then I can get to work on my 2000 word essay for tomorrow. I think its going to be a little late going in, or I'm going to be staying up all night. I've had about 5 hours sleep in three days.

Needless to say I don't have time to do tags right now, which is driving me nuts since EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER decided to tag me back like, yesterday. I'm holding up threads and its really bugging me but I really can't actually go tag because sometimes it takes me an hour or two to get through all of them, and I just don't have that time to spare.

And in amongst all this stress, [ profile] otilu and [ profile] squeakyorm actually made my day yesterday by sending me a Rotom plushie for my birthday that they had both bought. I can't actually tell you how happy and excited I was to get him and the little charm that Elle bought back from Japan, since I've wanted a Rotom plushie ever since I knew they existed. My god its like THE CUTEST THING EVER and its so soft and adorable and and aaaa. He's sitting on my bed next to my Jolteon plushie, looking awesome. They are totes bffs, just like I imagine them to be on my pokemon diamond game >_> I'm not a loser, honest. Now I just need an Ampharos, a Lanturn, a Manectric and a Zapdos and I'll have my whole team in plushie form :D :D I WILL TAKE PICS AFTER DEADLINE.


yesterday I bought a ticket to the May ball. I wasn't originally going, cause I was going home on the day it was on, but then I found out the The Zutons would be playing LIVE, and there would be a free fun fair (which leads to playing on the bumper cars in BALL GOWNS) AND that dude who presented Catchphrase will be there running a catchphrase competition, I just had to buy a ticket. Fuuuck I need a dress.

EDIT: My calendar on the sidebar of my layout looks like tetris.
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These things help me, so this is more of a NOTE TO SELF sort of thing:


Something tells me that I'm going to be spending my birthday doing an essay. JOY.

*cries forever and scoffs another birthday cupcake*


I told you guys that my cherry tree would go into full bloom when I was at university, since it usually blooms around my birthday.
Heres a picture my mom took of it yesterday:

Its so fucking pretty! I wish I was there to see it. :(
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Going home today, for Easter! I think I'd be more excited if I didn't have to do as much work as I've been given, BUT HEY. DOUBLE BED. fhjsgg. (but seriously, 2000 word essay, and two separate projects.) I don't understand why we have to go back. Basically, we go back to Uni from Easter (I get two weeks off) and then have two weeks of classes/finishing projects and then we're finished. A LITTLE POINTLESS IF YOU ASK ME, but hey what do I know.

I am not looking forward to dragging that heavy suitcase around the London underground, 'specially since London Paddington has a fuckton of steps. ;__; last time I did it, my back was killing me. Cries.

- also, I met a guy last night called Slade. He had bright purple hair and a lip ring. I couldn't take him seriously all evening (which is good since he's kind of a really funny guy) because I kept thinking of TT Slade and what Robin would do if he found out Slade was actually a 20 year-old history student who spends his evenings wishing he was smart enough to build a time machine and bring back Napoleon so that he didn't have to do his essay.
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Surely having a internet cable thing actually plugged into the back of my computer would ensure of a smoothly running internet. Usually it gives me no problems at all, not like my wireless at home which constantly is shutting on and off, but today I spent about 8 hours trying to get my fucking internet to work. During this time I napped for three hours, watched two movies, and 5 episodes of Shaman King and its only just decided to start working, at like, 1am. Its on for now but I'm not sure if tomorrow will be much of the same and since its a weekend it means that tech support is at home and the problem won't be fixed till Monday at the earliest. Muughnrn.

So yeah, if you don't see me about at all, thats the reason why.

On the plus side, I spent the day with my friend Jason, and we did lots of life drawing, fangirled (he's totally camp, he gets no fanboying) Kingdom Hearts, Runaways and other Marvel creations, went on a fruitless mission to try and track down Trials and Tribulations for me, talked about hamsters and goldfish, and he tried to get me to buy a new DS game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, just so he could borrow it. Git. But he took me to lunch like a gentleman, so I suppose I can forgive him. He's also going to show me where the comic shop is in Newport since he lives here and says we have one, BUT I WAS COMPLETELY UNAWARE. Apparently its in the Marketplace and I didn't even know we had a marketplace. I wonder if this friendship really is healthy for my wallet 8|a
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So I deduce that 4 hours of playing final fantasy xii, mixed with the fact that I've not eaten anything today (its now almost 7pm |: ) makes for a KILLER headache. Seriously, I just sneezed, and it felt like my head exploded.

However, my thoughts on FFXII are as follows:


I'd fucking completed this tomb and thought it would be a wise idea to try the first Demon Wall to get hold of the Demonsbane Sword. Of course, I did this without saving. So now I have to do the whole fucking tomb again.

Also, fuck you Vossler, I know what you are up to >:C

okay, brb, taking a nap to stop my brain from exploding.
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Someone directly upstairs is playing death metal. You know, the type of music thats no singing, but just screaming at a microphone and lots of heavy drums and guitars. They are playing it so loud I can hear it word for screamy word in my room. Its totally not helping my headache B|

In other news not only did my comic come yesterday, but [ profile] ohkamimajin sent me some Sour Patch Kids and some of the cutest chocolate I have ever seen in my entire life.

I mean just look at it )

Thanks so much Ohkamiii <3 I'll get yours out soon!

- OH ALSO. I am starting the final preparations for setting up a doujinshi post my LJ to sell. I even have worked out the majority of the shipping and prices, and all thats left for me to do is take photos of everything. Hopefully I'll get enough money to get start my Otakon fund. ;;

(Oh and finally. I've noticed that there are a few people who have recently added me to their flists that I don't know. Now my journal isn't friends only, but it'd be nice if you guys left a comment on this journal or something and introduced yourselves <3)
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Dear University Laundry Center,

Thanks ever so much for doing such a good job on my washing today. I mean, that first time when you didn't even get all of my clothes wet and the tablets were still whole and everything was so funny! And to think! I thought I'd be able to use that money I've been saving for a while to actually get some washing done! Silly me.

Then when you did it that second time too, even when I took all the dry clothes out and left the damp ones so you wouldn't be so overloaded (heaven forbid that I overload an industrial size washing machine) and made me waste yet another £2 in making my clothes soaking wet with whole tablets in the drum was brilliant! I didn't see that one coming!

And the dryer. Oh the dryer. It was so nice of you to fail in your task in life and leave all of my clothes dripping wet. Unfortunately I had run out of money by that point, so I didn't get to play dryer roulette like I did with the washers, but your time will come, don't worry!

But thanks guys! Really! My room is so cold because every space is filled with wet drying clothes, that will never be dry in time for me to actually wear them sometime this week. Its really appreciated! I didn't need that £5 anyway.

Yours Disgruntledly,
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WHY AM I STILL IN THE STUDIO AND NOT IN BED? ITS ALMOST 5AM. SOB SOB SOB. Though I guess its not the latest I've been up in here. I think the latest was 10am. Hurrhurr.

Man I am going to be so dead for my assessment tomorrow. Kinda worried about it, but they aren't allowed to throw you off the course without some warning, and I figure that I would've been warned by now. unless they warn me in the assessment, and then I am fucking screwed. This first semester has been stressful. I know I haven't done a lot of the work that I should've - sketchbooks is something I need to fix majorly (which I have! since I am doing a sketchbook for this small mini project that isn't getting marked, and its already pretty full with research which was another thing I was lacking all last semester) so I know that will probably come up, but I did all the animation they wanted me to. So, hopefully they'll let me stay.

God. I only have a few more hands to draw and to film and then I can crawl into bed and die. I am so glad I don't have to edit this motherfucker tomorrow morning. Thank you [ profile] finalfantasia ;___; You are a lifesaver.



Dec. 10th, 2008 01:38 pm
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I'm so stressed with this lip synch that I hit the emotional wall last night and cried myself to sleep worrying about whether or not I'll get this done, whether it'll be good, and whether I'll actually start enjoying my course.

Seriously, if I dont finish it tonight, I am fucking screwed and I will cry even more.

In other news, I found out that my petite sink, is JUUUST big enough for me to wash my hair in it. Yup. Its a useful thing to know.

*goes back to eating caffeinated chewing gum and despairing.*

aw crap, I still have to think about that fucking essay.
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(STARTED) Sketchbook work
(✔) Ball Bounce 3-5 seconds
(✔) Sack Jump 3-5 seconds
(✔) Human Walk Cycle conveying a particular emotion 10 second loop
(✔) Four Legged Walk Cycle 10 second loop
(✔) Dance Sequence to music of your choice that epitomizes Ballroom Dancing 10 seconds minimum
(✔) Lip Synching to a sound clip of your choice and body movement with 3/4 of the body 5 seconds minimum



Dec. 5th, 2008 02:28 pm
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Now, I'm a pretty laid back person. A lot of people who know me well know that I'm usually not really phased by anything school work wise (I mean during my GCSE's, I did like no studying at all) but I think this university course is really starting to take the piss. I know work was supposed to be a hell of a lot harder, and that I wouldn't have a lot of time to myself, but I also thought I'd come here and actually learn stuff, instead of teaching myself. I'm getting annoyed that I've paid all this money for a course, and all we've done is talk about stuff, get shown videos and then released into the world on our own. I've heard of self-directed study but this is taking the piss.

Things that have to be finished by next friday:

(✔) Sketchbook work
(✔) Ball Bounce 3-5 seconds
(✔) Sack Jump 3-5 seconds
(✔) Human Walk Cycle conveying a particular emotion 10 second loop
(✔) Four Legged Walk Cycle 10 second loop
(✔) Dance Sequence to music of your choice that epitomizes Ballroom Dancing 10 seconds minimum
(✔) Lip Synching to a sound clip of your choice and body movement with 3/4 of the body 5 seconds minimum

Now this would all be manageable if A) I wasn't given a day to do some of the exercises and B) I was actually taught about animation techniques, experimenting and all that jazz. Seriously. What the fuck. I'm so tempted to drop out, move to Canada and do a Character Animation course over there. At least maybe I'll be taught. (Seriously, all that I've learned about animation I could've learned at home, on my own with a few books and access to youtube. It is not that hard)

Oh. And there is that little 2000 word essay I'm meant to be doing on.. what was the title again? Oh yes, I remember. "It could be argued that while live-action is a Modernist art form, Animation is a post-modern art form. Do you agree? Discuss with reference to the issues raised in the ANS1 lecture/seminar program." Well thats just dandy. Cept our teacher was missing for three weeks, the sub was far better at teaching than she ever was, and I do not understand half the things she is saying because of her accent. Man I am having fun.

I might go to the studio later today to despair at some of my peers (and maybe do some linetests/actual work) cause I know a lot of them haven't done all this either, so I wont feel as isolated as I do.

Seriously uni, can has learning soon pls?
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She is introduced as member No.14 into Organization XIII. Similar to Roxas, she is one of the few wielders of the Keyblade. Probably since it's a common feature between them, she seems to get along with Roxas well, and opportunities to hang out with both Roxas and Axel increase. Triggered by events during missions, she comes to gradually doubt her own existence.

(if someone could verify these translations, I'd be most obliged.)

Okay so on reflection of the translated trailer I'm beginning to pull some ideas together for Axel's raeg halfway through for the lines:

"Stop fooling around! What do you take me for? I've decided. No matter how often you guys run away, I'll bring you back every time."

Now when I first saw this, the translations weren't available, and it was indicating that it wasn't plural. Because of the new ones, and this new information, I can see Xion questioning her existence to the point of getting Roxas to question his. And if she runs away to try and discover her true self, I think she could probably talk Roxas into going with her. Why sit in the Organization if they can go find answers about themselves and the keyblades? Yeah. I can see Roxas leaving with her. And if Roxas leaves, Axel gets angry.

I think I could like Xion if this happened, because I can honestly see Roxas doing that, but Axel cannot like her. He'd probably be interested with her, and tolerate her, but like her? Nhhrn. I'm so worried about this game. (but fuck yes, multiplayer)

Elle raises some very good points over here -> Please give them a look over?


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