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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] dianoetic!!!!!!

In other news, I've sort of been absent from internet things because I've been working on my first dissertation draft. IT WAS A MONSTER and I eventually got it done (9,810 words!) this evening with the grammar checking and general awesome superpowers of [livejournal.com profile] ormery so I should be around a lot more. Theoretically. I'm going to pretty much be throwing myself at my film because TIME IS EBBING AWAY SLOWLY and I've been focusing on my Dissertation so much that it's started to fall behind, and we have a monster of a deadline in February where everything has to be handed in EVER. ever. I am not looking forward to February.

BUT I just found out that my birthday will be in the Easter holidays this year, and my sisters is actually on Easter Sunday, mine two days later, so I actually might get to be at home for my birthday for the first time in two years. Not sure if I'm going to or not since the end of April is pretty much OH MY GOD MY FILM HAS TO BE FINISHED IN A FEW WEEKS go time, but we will see!

SO YEAH! Hallo internets I missed you. WHAT'S BEEN GOIN ON?
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SO I'M BACK IN WALES YET AGAIN. After the explosions with my parents I'm sort of glad I left (because the night before I left my aunt decided it was HER turn to make me feel like a worthless piece of lazy ass which is always fun) even though it means the dawning of a new year and the fact that I'm supposed to be graduating in uhhhh 5 months? AHAHA. Fuck my life.

My room is still balls cold, and I have to resort to wearing gloves when I'm working up here on stuff. I actually used the heater for the first time in ages because oh my god I was so fucking cold under a winter duvet and a blanket and hats and gloves and socks and a kigu that I needed the extra warmth.



YOUNG AVENGERS CHILDREN'S CRUSADE ISSUE 4 CAME OUT and I was very disappoint. Come on Heinburg, Tommy is not 15, and I know you are fixing that but god. Way to make me feel skeevy about playing him for a second there fdjknhfjknfhd. Other than the horrifying lack of Tommy in that issue, I liked it a lot! Did not expect the ending and was all :O when it happened and blah blah blah everyone who this matters too is already all over this. HERP. Trust me for being late to the flail party over LJ but I assure you much flailing was done over twitter (which I have been using a lot more recently I think I am addicted) and AIM.

ALSO [livejournal.com profile] virtualdon gave me my late Christmas present, which is the Axel Formation Arts figure that is only available in Japan and I flipped out. I put him together straight away and oh my god I love his face so fucking much I am actually beside myself. I also got my presents from [livejournal.com profile] batfowl (THANK YOU SWEETIE!) She sent me a pretty bracelet and Cupcake rice paper toppers with fucking Shiba Inu puppies on them. They will be the most adorable cupcakes I will ever create I don't even.

And idk if I said this before but my flat mates pooled together and got me a Raikou plushie AND HE IS SO CUTE I DON'T EVEN??? I am forming an electric type plushie ARMY (I have a Jolteon, Ampharos, Elekid, Rotom and Raikou now :D Blitzle and Emonga are on the LIST as well as Luxray if I could ever fucking find it for less than a billion dollars) but I am glad in the knowledge that I'll never be as bad as this even though I am super jealous of like pretty much everything she owns.

Oh I just realised I am rambling. HERP.

ONE LAST THING I GUESS, I was saved today by my tutors who decided to extend the dissertation draft final for another 10 days, as I was really starting to work myself up into a state over the fact that I didn't do as much work over Christmas as I thought I would've. I'm going to aim to try and finish it this week and get a couple people to read it and I'm aiming to do the full 8,000 words to make it easier when the deadline comes around again. And we have deadlines in February and I have to do so much work that I'm thinking about setting up a 9-5 work regime to see if I can actually motivate myself every day to do SOMETHING. Wish me and my procrastinator of a brain luck guys.

It's going to be a bumpy year BUT HOPEFULLY it'll all be worth it in the end and I'll never have to write another fucking essay or use Harvard referencing ever fucking again. >:(

also I promise I wrote this journal not drunk even though it totally seems like I am.
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SO I'm back in the UK and have been since Monday, but have otherwise been occupied by the lovely company of [livejournal.com profile] ormery for the since Tuesday and today [livejournal.com profile] countersparking has joined the ranks too. We spent the evening eating takeout, watching movies and giggling over stupid things like this, and I have to say it's good to be back with my buddies from the UK. I'll miss all my Americano ones too though (seriously, omg you guys COME MOVE TO THE UK SO WE CAN HANG OUT ;__;) and want to thank everyone I stayed with and met whilst I was out there for showing me such a great time. It means a lot to me <3

Still a little bit jetlagged and missing the heat of Bermuda--it is so cold in england right now I don't even 8(--but it's certainly nice to be back! My mother redecorated my room whilst I was gone too and I now have an ACTUAL BOOKCASE INSTEAD OF A SHELF ON CINDER BLOCKS AND A PRETTY NEW COLOUR FOR MY ROOM which actually is a light shade of Tommy green and white. I'm thinking about putting a big orange arrow made from paper over my bed because it would suit this room and would amuse me endlessly. I'm just hoping my boss doesn't decide to call me tomorrow about coming back to work, since I'm reaaally not ready to GO back. Not for what I was getting for the work I was doing. I'd rather sell all my stuff, which, so it happens, I'm planning on doing but. HRHGHN.

And now that my 'vacation' stint is over, it's time to get back to University preparations--concept and story art for my final film (I'm going to try and do a drawing/painting a day once Squeak and Maria leave up until the point of going back to Uni, if not more) and another dissertation chapter to do which means getting out all my Miyazaki books and reading them over again, which isn't a biiiig deal. But I really should start so I don't fall into the constant trap that I seem to do by putting it off till tomorrow and then when tomorrow is the deadline I end up hating myself for not following through with the work. I AM SUCH A MODEL STUDENT YOU GUYS!!!

And on top of that I've some how been put in charge in organizing all the bills and internet and stuff for the new house and I'm trying to work it out. Gonna get [livejournal.com profile] peypea help me out next week, but MAN that is one thing I miss about living in dorms already. That shit is already done. Sob.

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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] batfowl!
I hope you have an amazing day, and if you don't put a party hat on Kai and take a photo I will be so disappointed. MAY IT BE FILLED WITH AWESOME.

I now have little under a week to finish all my current university projects. It would've been a lot worse if they hadn't extended our essay deadline to the 11th, so thankfully I'll have another weekend to finish that. And then, I am free. Free. Well, at least till third year when I'll be dying from OH GOD I HAVE TO MAKE MY FINAL FILM AND WRITE A DISSERTATION OH GOD, but I'll have the American Adventure to take the edge off. Fff so excited about that. But first I have to finish all my work.

Here's a little check list so I don't lose track of what I need to do:

✔ 1 Minute Showreel of all my current work
✔ Final business card designs
✔ CD cover design (based from business card)
→ Cover Letter
→ CV
→ Digital Portfolio
→ Self Reflexive journal (idek what this is)
→ Website (OPTIONAL - only if I have time spare)
→ Final Film Proposal with concept art, scripts, thumb nailed storyboards etc

→ Dissertation Proposal including a summer reading list
→ First chapter of dissertation (2000 words)

So I might be a bit scarce from now on sob. After I hand everything in, i'm spending my last week probably playing FFXIII and Rock Band, and going to the May Ball, which Feeder are playing at this year. Plus there's the whole free funfair in high heels, so it should be a blast like last year was. Especially since this year my sister is coming :3 AND THEN I GET TO GO HOME \o\



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