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It took me almost two days but it's finally done! I've finished cataloging and writing up all the stuff I have to sell, and have organized it onto it's own community to save my flist from getting spammed too much.

HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] purasellsstuff

I've got a lot of doujinshi (mostly Axel/Roxas), merchandise from lots of different fandoms (including apparel, figurines plush toys etc), video games, DVDs, manga -- you name it, it's probably there.

I'd really appreciate if you could maybe take a look and think about buying a few items. A lot of it is to go toward rent and food payments for when I get back to university, so no matter how small the purchase it's really going to help me.

Sorry to be begging guys but I'm quite worried and shifting a lot of this stuff would be SO helpful. I'm going to let my flist have at it for a couple of days before I start advertising in communities, so if you see something you want you can nab it before the rest of LJ can see it.

Thanks <3
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Someone directly upstairs is playing death metal. You know, the type of music thats no singing, but just screaming at a microphone and lots of heavy drums and guitars. They are playing it so loud I can hear it word for screamy word in my room. Its totally not helping my headache B|

In other news not only did my comic come yesterday, but [livejournal.com profile] ohkamimajin sent me some Sour Patch Kids and some of the cutest chocolate I have ever seen in my entire life.

I mean just look at it )

Thanks so much Ohkamiii <3 I'll get yours out soon!

- OH ALSO. I am starting the final preparations for setting up a doujinshi post my LJ to sell. I even have worked out the majority of the shipping and prices, and all thats left for me to do is take photos of everything. Hopefully I'll get enough money to get start my Otakon fund. ;;

(Oh and finally. I've noticed that there are a few people who have recently added me to their flists that I don't know. Now my journal isn't friends only, but it'd be nice if you guys left a comment on this journal or something and introduced yourselves <3)
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I had a [livejournal.com profile] squeakyorm inhabiting my house for the past few days, which was lovely. It's seriously reawakening my love for DC comics. AAA. It's making it's work get me some of the Titans Go! Trade paperbacks and I am like ffffffkfkhghjgjnfm. WE SPENT MOST OF THOSE TWO DAYS, BTW, WATCHING TEEN TITANS. FUCK YES. but of course meant that I was dead to the internet. DID I MISS ANYTHING GAIZ?

Other than that, I'm somewhat better from my cold, and I'm back at University now (SO LONG REGULAR MEALS, SOB SOB). I also have that 2000 word essay to write still.. I'll get to it eventually, seeing as its due Wednesday. Ahaha. D8

Its also occurred to me that I should maybe sell some of my Doujinshi. The exchange rate is good for me to sell to the states, and all my doujin is just collecting dust, and I really need the money. All of it is good condition, and the art is good in most of them. Would anyone be at all interested in buying any? I'll probably post it on the kh yaoi LJ, but I was gonna open it up to my flist first. I've got, 11 AxelRoxas (most of which are pretty pagey books), 1 SasoDei (Contrail), 1 KakashiObito and 1 AllenLavi.

If anyone shows any interest I'll do a photo post. No idea how much I'm going to sell them for, seeing as a lot of them vary in size and content - for example I have FineFineFine! (AxelRoxas) volumes one and two are lumped into one book, so that would be more expensive than volume three which is on its own. But if you express any interest, let me know C:
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I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] sira this morning, and she mentioned that she was scanning things. This got me to thinking that maybe I should scan some of my Axel/Roxas Doujin, considering that I have so much of it, and that scans are pretty rare. SO heres gonna be a list of the Doujinshi that I've scanned.

Today i've only done two cause I ran out of time (using my friends scanner, and we had to go to a lecture) and they are both in Japanese. But part of the reason for me scanning them is a hope that someone will translate for me :D I was thinking about posting on [livejournal.com profile] khyaoi even though these two are actually tame as fuck. More baw fluff than anything.

- Comment if you are taking please~ c:



K. omg I cant wait to go home :c
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Feb. 18th, 2008 04:20 am
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i just spent lots of money on AkuRoku Doujinshi. Very very very pretty doujinshi. 4 books.

i need to stop >>;

OKAY SO. This is [profile] mizumaru coming at you with my new acount. I've been meaning to change my name for the longest time in the world, cause I hate the old one. bluuhh.

..my axel plushie is hanging out with squeakies roxas. and I find it incredibly cute. ;__;


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