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First off, HALLO to the new people on my flist from the friending meme! I really should have an introduction post thing for when I do add people from those memes, like Oliver 8| BUT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ME FEEL FREE TO ASK.

There are a couple of things I'm covering in this. Firstly, is AIM working for anyone else? This morning it's not letting me log on via AIM or Meebo, so I'm just checking it's everyone's AIM and not just me @@; AIM has kind of been a fail lately, so I'm hoping it's not just me 8|a;

SECONDLY, I posted icons over at [ profile] chaicons last night~! Pokemon ones mostly, but I'm getting together a Young Avengers post. I'm a little hesitant with it though, since I decided it would be a good idea to try iconning the issues from the beginning, so a lot of the icons I made have been made a billion times. I don't know, I have like 80 of them, so it seems a waste not to post them. SHOULD I? I caved :|


I drew some things )
DIS IS MY Lanturn, Lumos, as a human. I'm probs going to do this with all of my electric team because I enjoyed designing her and I might take some commissions if people are interested in chibi gijinka (or just chibi/pokemon/regular commissions in general) since I have no money for my American Adventure yet. WOULD ANYONE BE INTERESTED? ;A;

LASTLY, I get to go home on Friday. Omg I haven't been home since Christmas and I miss my family so much 8( But before then, I have to do a fuckton of pre-production work for the film I'm working on. Like literally. I have so much work that I've been stressed pretty much all the time, and since my sleeping patterns have decided to screw up again, I'm not getting much sleep either. YAYYY. But this time on friday I'll be on a train, so I have something to look forward to at least *___* BUT YEAH I might be a bit scarce till then because oh my god.
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Man, I love my 2D animation teacher, but he doesn't half like to work us to the bone. I'm figuring that he's thinking 'it's for their own good because third year is going to slaughter them' but cutting a deadline by three weeks is not nice. And it's not fair either since, you know. We have a fuckton of work to do, and 3D and stop-motion don't have much at all and they still have till after Christmas to hand everything in. RRRFHHN.

On top of that, the deadline coincides with ANOTHER project, which we were originally doing in groups, till one of the group decided to do things on her own. Which is fair, but now me and [ profile] silverbrumby123 are actually fucked because there is no way we can do two full colour with sound, 1-2 minute animations in a week and a half. Though, I always say this and I always somehow do it. I'll just become a sparkly vampire and not sleep. Needless to say, I'll probably be scarce till after the projects are done. @_@

It's just frustrating because this is all going on when I'm sick, so I've not been motivated to work because I can't get out of bed. The nurses have no idea what's wrong with me, so I'm having blood tests in a couple of weeks to see if they can work it out, but it's nothing too major. It's the same thing I was dealing with last year around this time, (that no matter how much sleep I get I'm constantly tired thing) but it was connected to depression last time, and I know I'm not depressed. Hell, if it wasn't for all stress with the animation stuff, I'd be hecka happy. Not to say that I'm not, just the stress sometimes gets to you. So it's not depression. It might be anemia or a thyroid problem or something connected to PCOS, but we honestly wont know till I get bloods done. YAY. Blood tests are my favorite thing ever. Can you hear my sarcasm.

Other than those stuff, I've actually.. got practically all my Christmas shopping done. Which is insane since I usually leave it till the last minute. BUT THIS YEAR I'VE LIKE, ALREADY WRAPPED EVERYTHING. I'm sort of surprised at myself. Now if only I could get myself to be like that about work. Derp.

Anyways, enough ranting, here, have Tommy and Billy as Pokemon:

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Not much has been going on in the past couple of days, apart from me continually procrastinating from doing that school project thats in for the 13th. I know what I want to do and how I'm gonna do it I just have no motivation to do it 8( I'd much rather make icons of Eli or Thorg or Jaime which is always the way when you have something that NEEDS TO BE DONE. You have inspiriation for something else, and then when you finish the thing you had to do, the other stuff doesn't seem as inspiring anymore. SIGH. I even want to write Tommy fic, and coming from me that's a big thing! I never write fic. Ever. IT INTIMIDATES ME FAR TOO MUCH. But... I still want to because it's anything but my project 8|a; I have so much to do before I go to Wales too on Monday. Aaaaaa.

Anyways, here, have some pokemon drawings (i've seriously been into drawing ghost types lately wtf) and a drawing of Billy from a band!Au fic:


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Mom bought the house Sky recently (for all you non-britons, its basically cable) and for a while we only had the most basic package since she didn't want to pay extra for channels she wouldn't watch? Cept then me and Hannah complained, and since the music channels and the kids channels were only £2 extra she let us have it. (take a wild guess which one I wanted 8D)

BUT ONE THING IS I wish Cartoon Network didn't play random episodes of TV shows in no particular order. Seriously, I was watching X-Men: Evolution today and I went from Kurt first getting there to the last episode of the season when everything EXPLODED and then back to when Kitty got there. SERIOUSLY GUYS HOW HARD IS IT TO PLAY THEM IN ORDER? I WANT TO WATCH THEM IN ORDER 8( Same goes for Teen Titans, but at least I've watched that series to death so it doesn't matter as much.. seriously I could tell you which season and which EPISODE NUMBER it was oh god

Of course all this watching of X-Men Evo and Teen Titans has not only helped my Beast Boy muse wake up a little, but it has also apparently given me a Evo!Quicksilver muse. I seriously don't need TWO JERK SPEEDSTERS IN MY MUSE SPACE GOOD GOD.

..pietro and tommy are totally partners in crime oh god

EDIT:I have also been drawing a little since my tablet broke, so here, have a knitting ampharos: )
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Feeling a bit better than I was a few days ago, but its progress, so hopefully I should be all better soon. No pill for a month though, not sure what thats going to do to my periods @____@ I used to get them so bad that I would be literally screaming in agony and couldn't move for days. Haha. Ha. Not looking forward to that.

On the brightside, I've been doodling like mad! I found a brown paper sketchbook that I bought like two years ago and never really used, and started playing with colouring pencils in it, and now I cant stop, haha! Sorry for the crappy quality, all taken with a camera, which KILLED the colouring and also made some wonky.

Some Arts! )

Thinking about going into town tomorrow and doing some life drawing in Starbucks with colouring pencils! It might be fun! But I dont want to go on my own, and [ profile] finalfantasia is at home right now :C SIGH. Maybe sometime during the week.
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Drawing Sora always cheers me up. Except when I get to his hair and his retarded little coat. Seriously, what the fuck Nomura.

Anyways, I'm officially in love with SAI. Goddamn, its like the program is designed to make you better than you already are!

A Sora Art )

In other news, I have finished the Essay of DOOM, and now I have to worry about a animated response to a poem that our batshit tutor has given us in the two remaining weeks of no lessons. Seriously. A whole animated film. With sound. And music. In two weeks. They have to be kidding me.
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I've never had a sore throat this bad in my living memory. I mean I sneezed, and it felt like my tonsils had ripped out. Euugh. Thank god for Strepsils, even if they stop working after about 5 minutes. I think I caught that nasty bug thats going around. Which is awesome, because I need to be working on a essay. I feel so siiiick D;

So yeah! Happy 2009 to you all. I'm not setting myself any solid new years resolutions, but I'd like to be able to have gotten better at concentrating on my work and stop procrastinating, and stop being a huge amount of FAIL.

In other news, I decided to download SAI painter a while ago, but I was messing around on it for the first time tonight seeing as photoshop was being a whore.

And I drew a thing called roxas )

But yeah, I think thats it. Heres to an awesome 2009.
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Hey guys. If any of you are having a bad day, let me brighten it up with my Bottled Rainbow.

Isn’t it pretty? This is really early in the morning, so the sun is filtering through them c: I got really bored and had all these leftover bottles from the best drink on the planet (but just the mango one. …or the green tea one *__*) and decided instead of throwing them away, to make them into an art. They are sitting on my windowsill, and when people walk past their usual response is “Oh my god that’s awesome!” (I’m on the ground floor) which I can hear through the window. It makes me happy, and so I thought I’d share just in case any of you have a sad :c

- also, [ profile] somnomania wanted me to design a bijuu for an AU Axel that was a ferret, so I’ve been drawing ferrets all day to get a feel of them. SO HAVE A BONUS FERRET THAT DOES NOT WANT :D

feeeerretttt )

Oh – one more thing. I was thinking about sending people on my Flist Christmas cards. Would anyone like one (if that’s a resounding yes, I’ll make a post for you guys to give me addresses that will be screened)?
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GUYS I AM BORED and I have found myself drawing cute Dessert items in flash. HERE THEY ARE aren't they darling.



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