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SO I went to [livejournal.com profile] hikaridonya's house today to hang out and take a break from stuff. We were both super exhausted, so we didn't do much but mooch, but she has bought an xbox 360 so I got to play Final Fantasy XIII on it. I told myself I'd only play the first 10 minutes or so.

...Three hours later I was still running through it, complaining that I had a splitting headache and I should stop but can't because it is too fucking pretty. I had to find a save point (which I wasn't originally going to do either) and make Donya take the controller away from me because I could've easily have played for HOURS.

My thoughts so far:
Spoilers about how annoying the characters are. Mostly capslocked. )

So in summary, I was shouting at the characters and complaining about the battle system, but about 2 hours in I got accustomed to it and was really enjoying it. I'm undoubtedly going back for more 8|b
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I SURVIVED THE WEEK. Well, mostly. I've got a weird chesty cough and a headache but I'm going to put that down to being really fucking tired and not really sleeping for about three days. HURRR.

It's so nice that it's done though so I can work on personal projects. Me and Lynx have something in the works, and I've been doing a bit of mod work for my X-men rp and PERSONAL DRAWINGS! AND VIDEO GAMES! YAY. I am going to finish FF12 this summer if it kills me. And Trials and Tribulations because I found a copy FINALLY today when I randomly popped into game with my friend Jason. (MINI COLD-RIDDEN FEENIE OH MY FUCKING GOD I WANT TO CUDDLE IT)

If anyone wants to see my animation it r here:

The lighting is crap and youtube squished it for some BIZARRE reason, but I'm gonna refilm it when I get back up to uni. It's all about remembering your childhood, specifically mine (growing up in Bermuda) and some other stuck up stuff that I can't be assed to go into. :D I met some fucking awesome second years whilst I was there too, and I can see them being a major distraction next year 8D Both me for them and them for me HURR HURR.

[livejournal.com profile] ohkamimajin I got your parcel! Omg it is like the cutest thing ever thank you so much ;; I need to send you some British candy or something in return because SERIOUSLY. I love it so much I'm not sure I'm ever going to use it (And it comes with stickers, Holy hell the way you my heart is through STICKERS HOW DID YOU KNOW) because I'm weird like that.

I think some sleep is in order, don't you.
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So I deduce that 4 hours of playing final fantasy xii, mixed with the fact that I've not eaten anything today (its now almost 7pm |: ) makes for a KILLER headache. Seriously, I just sneezed, and it felt like my head exploded.

However, my thoughts on FFXII are as follows:


I'd fucking completed this tomb and thought it would be a wise idea to try the first Demon Wall to get hold of the Demonsbane Sword. Of course, I did this without saving. So now I have to do the whole fucking tomb again.

Also, fuck you Vossler, I know what you are up to >:C

okay, brb, taking a nap to stop my brain from exploding.
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fuck mom got the house a wii. fff. ZELDA TP OR FF12. WHY IS THIS CHOICE SO HARD TO MAKE? Over leveling Vaan is becoming too much fun >>;

Okay, but seriously. I should probably write some stuff about how you guys mean the world to me. You make my normally boring days all that more enjoyable, and I love every one of you. I can't really express in words right now (but that might be because Hannah woke me up at fucking five am) but I know I wouldn't be who I am or where I am today if it wasn't for the support and frienship you guys have offered me. It means so much to me that you would stick around. You have no idea.
Stay awesome, and be good to each other.
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HORIZONTAL FUCKING RAIN. Why did england get snow and Wales gets torrential rain. OH RIGHT. Cause its fucking Wales.

On a brighter note, I went past GameStation whilst I was heading toward Primark (my need for a new hat was very great indeed, and they have hats for like £1) with my friend Ania, and like, I saw a used PS2 in the window. For. £35. Ania saw it too, and had money on her.

I now have access to my playstation games. I am so fucking happy

The only downside is that I left my memory card at home, so it means i have to restart all my games. and I was really really far in FF12 ;__;

ffff I forgot how cute Sora is.


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