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So since I’ve moved into the house I’ve had an ongoing battle with my internet provider, Virgin. I was recommended them by a couple of people, and since they are the only provider in the area it made sense to go with them.

Let me tell you. Never fucking again.


/flips a fucking table.

/goes to have a fucking cup of tea


Feb. 6th, 2010 11:41 am
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So hey, if any of you have been wondering why I've not been around at all for the past couple of days it's because my computer got some sort of horrible virus or malware or something, which stopped me from opening any of my .exe program files. So I couldn't open firefox, my virus software or ANYTHING, and it's currently getting fixed. I'll probably be getting it back later tonight, ([livejournal.com profile] hikaridonya you are a life saver) but it's gonna need reformatting sometime in the future and since my external hard drive is also broken, I have to wait till my new one gets here so I can save at least some of the files. Once that's happened though, it should be okay. I really should just get a new computer, but I decided that a trip to America was more important than a macbook pro (and I've sort of been having doubts about that ever since my HD broke, because I have no money to be able to replace anything technologically-inclined) and so I'm probably going to have to hold out for another year.

Oh, and the landlord of the house that we're living in next year dropped on us that he was going to his nephew's birthday party and can't meet with us today, when I specifically told him when I spoke to him on Monday that we'd be aiming for Saturday. He never mentioned that he'd be busy, so we all got up super early to get ready to go. It was a good thing that I called him.

Then my DS decided it would scare the crap out of me by freezing, and then refusing to turn on for like 10 minutes. Then I tried getting into the computer suite (which is where I am now) and they've changed the card swipe system without telling us so my card was useless and because it's an open day the guy who usually does the card updates isn't here, and nobody knows how to do it.

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Okay, so I've just found out that the tutor that everyone hates has set up tutorials to review our work this semester. On the day that I'm going to hand everything that is late in, which means that he's already marked everything, and is going to fail me. But this isn't right, since the Uni actually gives us up to two weeks of lateness before marking happens, so I can hopefully complain, and still just slide by with a passing grade. At this point in time, I'd rather have it finished than a good grade, as I can still put it on my showreel, but I really really want to pass, so I don't have to do a retrieval project (they make us do the project again in the summer if you fail, which is what I did last year).

I've still got loads to do though, so I'm actually going to give my internet cable to my flatmate so I can't actually go on the internet before hand-in. So I'm not going to be around till probably this Saturday, and I may come back like really upset, derp. People who have my phone number are welcome to text me, but otherwise I'll see you all after this horrible week is over.

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man the world hates me right now.

The first bit of creative juices that I've gotten flowing in literally a month or two and my tablet just dies on me.

It has been acting up for the past couple times i've been using it, and today it just refused to do anything. The light was flashing saying that it was on, but the pen did not register when I touched the tablet. I thought the battery had run out so I changed it, and there was no difference. The wires are sort of frayed where they go into the actual tablet (its an Aiptek Slim 600U) so I figured that its just decided to die on me.

cut for parental/job hunting RAEG )

Anyways, now that raeg is off my chest, I do have an old wacom graphire but I think its broken as thats the reason I replaced it with the Aiptek so I'll probably never actually get to draw this picture tonight (and by draw I mean ink and colour on the computer. I actually drew it on paper first). I suppose if I use the money from the manga sales to pay for a new tablet I could get away with getting an A4 wacom bamboo, but I'm not sure since they are like £170. EDIT: Oh wait, the A5 ones are £170. My mistake. *sobs*

Does anyone want to recommend graphic tablets to me? I want an A4 sized one (normal printing paper size) and I'm on a tight budget, but suggestions would be nice.


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