Nov. 28th, 2010 10:25 pm
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On Wednesday, [ profile] ormery came down to stay with me for a couple of days, and pretty much all of my flatmates, plus one [ profile] virtualdon and Squeak went to see the new Harry Potter film. IT WAS SO GOOD I DON'T EVEN. The next one can't come fast enough!! It has to be my favourite so far. God, I love Luna so good, but was really upset they changed Dobby's VA. It bothered me a lot 8( But it was lovely to see it with everyone, and I loved having Squeak around. I missed his lovely face.

THEN my Dad called me to say that he managed to transfer the money he'd brought back with him from Bermuda to my bank account, which meant that I could pretty much buy a Mac whenever I wanted! SO FAST FOWARD TO SATURDAY, I went into Cardiff, and with Donya's help, I purchased a Macbook Pro with Apple Care for three years, and cried at all that money going in one swoop (even with almost £500 off for being a student). But oh my goodness it was so worth it. I have spent pretty much all of today TOUCHING IT GLEEFULLY and admiring how pretty it is and getting used to where the different keys are and new shortcuts (not that it's going to take me long to get the hang of, since I've been using macs for years). And. GOSH. It is so pretty I don't even. So worth the money. I have named it Cupcake because I am predictable. But now I have very light savings to last me till January. Which should be interesting. I had to open up icon commissions, but I doubt I'll get any. Would anyone be interested in art commissions for £5/£10? I'm not sure what kind they would be but I need the money :(

ANYWAY today has sort of being a crazy day of fail when it comes to our house. Because it's been so cold lately (about -2 Celsius for the past three days IN THE DAY TIME AND IT SNOWED WHAT THE CRAP) all of our external pipes are frozen. Which caused our washing machine to spit all it's water onto our kitchen floor. So our landlord came around and took off the frozen pipe outside, which means it's spurting water onto our pavement instead of our drain but it's a fix till the weather clears up. AND THEN not an hour later, we notice a huge puddle coming from under our boiler, and one of the pipes is dripping scarily fast. So we call him back and he comes back out and, again, it's because of one of the external pipes had frozen so the boiler condensation pipe got backed up and overflowed.

And then we realised the toaster had given up the will to live.


But anyway other than being cold and slightly damp and toasterless, I have a beautiful laptop, had a lovely week and I'm quite content. It's probably going to change because I have a deadline fast approaching and I have thirty seconds of test animations, a three minute animatic to do as well as a whole bunch of concept art and blog catch up, so the stress is kind of getting to me. SHOULD BE INTERESTING. And once I hand in, I get to go home for the winter holidays. Looking forward to that. BUT TILL THEN, WISH ME LUCK ON MY DEADLINE.

You'd think I'd learn to do my work on time 8|;

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I finally got around to finishing off some batches of icons (and remodelling that old journal layout 8|;) I've been working on for the past few months on and off, and posted them up on my graphics comm ([ profile] purapeagraphics) so if you could check them out if you have a minute that would be awesome. Just some stock icons and some Teen Titans icons, but I'm getting an Axel post together as well as some Young Avengers and Runaways - and on top of that I've been building some profile layouts too - so if you want to keep track of that please watch the comm c:

Other than that I went lifedrawing/shopping with my friend [ profile] silverbrumby123 today, and bought some new clothes and a dvd. 8) I also got myself an ipod touch which was supposed to be for my birthday so I'm not actually allowed to play with it till Sunday, which blows, but HEY. ipod Touch!

- Also we heard back about the mac and it's not the power cable that's causing the problem but probably the battery, and I don't want to spend £50 fixing that up ontop of what I've already paid when I know its not going to be very useful for me. Sighh. I'll get a mac SOME day. At least I've finally broken my Apple virginity with the ipod, hurrhurr.

Last day of antibotics tomorrow and I'm not feeling any better. Methinks its time to book another appointment. I really hope this isn't glandular fever (or Mono to you americans) because I do NOT want my summer ruined by illness. That and I have a hella lot of deadlines fast approaching and if I'm sick through them I don't know what I'll do. Fuuuck.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to pass out now.
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Spent the last two days at [ profile] squeakyorm's, which was lovely! But apologies to lack of tags over this period of time! I'm kind of sucking with those right now, hurr hurr.

Anyways! A friend of my mom's is a professional photographer, and he gave my god mother an apple laptop for her to use. Of course, she hasn't touched it in the entire year that she's had it, so she decided to give it to me for my birthday since she wont use it. Its an Apple Powerbook G4, about 8/9 years old, stuffed to the brim full of memory and with a lot of decent art programs on it.
The downside is that it only has a 500 megahertz processor (and considering new ones have like 2.4 gigahertz..) so I'm worried that its going to be really slow for what I'm going to need it for - in which case my godmother is going to give it to someone else. Also there's the thing that it probably isn't set up for wireless and I'd have to get an adapter for it if I wanted to use it wirelessly. And the screen is a little loose. BUT. I'm really excited in any case as it'll be the first mac I've owned (I dont care if its a hand-me-down!) and I've always loved their stuff, just been a little too poor to afford it! I'm already in love with it just by looking at it!

One problem though. The battery or the power cable or something is broken, and the thing refuses to turn on! I'm going to take it into the apple store in town tomorrow to see if they can do anything about it and try not to walk out of there with an ipod touch but I don't want to spend a lot of money getting it repaired if it only just turns out to be too slow and in turn useless to me. It'll probably be more cost effective to buy a whole new mac, but I just don't have £700 (at least) lying around. @_@


In other news I have so much fucking apps work to do and barely a week left to do it in, and my parents decided we're going away for four days. I don't need this right now auugh.

..and I reserved Chase at [ profile] ingen_rpg and I have a beast boy app to write. Methinks its time for a hiatus :|a


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