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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] dianoetic!!!!!!

In other news, I've sort of been absent from internet things because I've been working on my first dissertation draft. IT WAS A MONSTER and I eventually got it done (9,810 words!) this evening with the grammar checking and general awesome superpowers of [livejournal.com profile] ormery so I should be around a lot more. Theoretically. I'm going to pretty much be throwing myself at my film because TIME IS EBBING AWAY SLOWLY and I've been focusing on my Dissertation so much that it's started to fall behind, and we have a monster of a deadline in February where everything has to be handed in EVER. ever. I am not looking forward to February.

BUT I just found out that my birthday will be in the Easter holidays this year, and my sisters is actually on Easter Sunday, mine two days later, so I actually might get to be at home for my birthday for the first time in two years. Not sure if I'm going to or not since the end of April is pretty much OH MY GOD MY FILM HAS TO BE FINISHED IN A FEW WEEKS go time, but we will see!

SO YEAH! Hallo internets I missed you. WHAT'S BEEN GOIN ON?
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SO I'M BACK IN WALES YET AGAIN. After the explosions with my parents I'm sort of glad I left (because the night before I left my aunt decided it was HER turn to make me feel like a worthless piece of lazy ass which is always fun) even though it means the dawning of a new year and the fact that I'm supposed to be graduating in uhhhh 5 months? AHAHA. Fuck my life.

My room is still balls cold, and I have to resort to wearing gloves when I'm working up here on stuff. I actually used the heater for the first time in ages because oh my god I was so fucking cold under a winter duvet and a blanket and hats and gloves and socks and a kigu that I needed the extra warmth.



YOUNG AVENGERS CHILDREN'S CRUSADE ISSUE 4 CAME OUT and I was very disappoint. Come on Heinburg, Tommy is not 15, and I know you are fixing that but god. Way to make me feel skeevy about playing him for a second there fdjknhfjknfhd. Other than the horrifying lack of Tommy in that issue, I liked it a lot! Did not expect the ending and was all :O when it happened and blah blah blah everyone who this matters too is already all over this. HERP. Trust me for being late to the flail party over LJ but I assure you much flailing was done over twitter (which I have been using a lot more recently I think I am addicted) and AIM.

ALSO [livejournal.com profile] virtualdon gave me my late Christmas present, which is the Axel Formation Arts figure that is only available in Japan and I flipped out. I put him together straight away and oh my god I love his face so fucking much I am actually beside myself. I also got my presents from [livejournal.com profile] batfowl (THANK YOU SWEETIE!) She sent me a pretty bracelet and Cupcake rice paper toppers with fucking Shiba Inu puppies on them. They will be the most adorable cupcakes I will ever create I don't even.

And idk if I said this before but my flat mates pooled together and got me a Raikou plushie AND HE IS SO CUTE I DON'T EVEN??? I am forming an electric type plushie ARMY (I have a Jolteon, Ampharos, Elekid, Rotom and Raikou now :D Blitzle and Emonga are on the LIST as well as Luxray if I could ever fucking find it for less than a billion dollars) but I am glad in the knowledge that I'll never be as bad as this even though I am super jealous of like pretty much everything she owns.

Oh I just realised I am rambling. HERP.

ONE LAST THING I GUESS, I was saved today by my tutors who decided to extend the dissertation draft final for another 10 days, as I was really starting to work myself up into a state over the fact that I didn't do as much work over Christmas as I thought I would've. I'm going to aim to try and finish it this week and get a couple people to read it and I'm aiming to do the full 8,000 words to make it easier when the deadline comes around again. And we have deadlines in February and I have to do so much work that I'm thinking about setting up a 9-5 work regime to see if I can actually motivate myself every day to do SOMETHING. Wish me and my procrastinator of a brain luck guys.

It's going to be a bumpy year BUT HOPEFULLY it'll all be worth it in the end and I'll never have to write another fucking essay or use Harvard referencing ever fucking again. >:(

also I promise I wrote this journal not drunk even though it totally seems like I am.
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It has been one of those months that I kept meaning to update LJ but updating LJ would mean I would have to blither on about what has happened in my life, so I don't because I can't be assed to write a super long entry, which just makes it worse because it means I don't update it more and it makes the subsequent LJ entry longer.

SO WE ARE STICKING TO BULLET POINTS FOR NOW and I'm going to post more substantial posts in the future I promise.


• Dyed my forever blonde bit of my hair, blue. (pic here)
• Had an awesome halloween at home with [livejournal.com profile] peypea and [livejournal.com profile] virtualdon where much candy corn and rocky horror was had
• Sold my Kingdom Hearts Keyblades for £145. Fuck YES.
• Finished an art commission for [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin that I've been trying to finish for months! Was super proud of it. (it is here)
• Got pissed off at THE DICKS AT DeviantArt, and made a Tumblr to spam with my art instead and to further increase my closet hipster status (which is here)
• Had a break down about university ONLY A MONTH IN (THAT'S A NEW RECORD!)
• Started playing Crowley from Supernatural over at Dear_mun (and I'm probably apping him at [livejournal.com profile] theposthumans)
• Got mild case of flu/really bad cold, which mixed with my anxiety made for the perfect conditions for doing university work (not really)
• Got a load of Christmas shopping done YES I AM EARLY THIS YEAR
• AQUIRED GUINEA PIGS not here, but at my parent's house. They are two boys, and my sister named hers Diego and mine is called Napoleon and is a rosette so has constant bedhead AND HE IS ADORBS (here is a picture Napoleon is the fluffy one)
• Due to cold, had lots of spare time on hands where brain would really only work with watching things. So finished three seasons of The Venture Bros. and Misfits.
• WENT TO SEE THE DOCTOR WHO CAST turn on the Cardiff Christmas lights. IT WAS FAB and fucking cold.
• Was told by my dad that I could use some of my Bermuda savings account to pay for a new laptop since mine is pretty much on its last legs, SO I COULD HAVE A MAC WITHIN THE MONTH SCREAMS.
• Had a counselling review session, and was booked for another six weeks, but I'm showing a LOT of improvement, so we know it's been helping me.
• Made apple cake from the apple tree in our flat's garden. It's fucking delicious.

AND I THINK THAT'S IT. There was some stuff I wanted to go into detail about but whatever, I don't want to be here all evening.

But auugh I am so behind with work. Thanks to procrastination and those couple of days I was really sick I've been thrown off track. I NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK AND STOP GETTING DISTRACTED but I'm working on my grad film tumblr so I need access to internet otherwise I can't do work. And the temptation to look to see who is on AIM or check my flist IS TOO GREAT. Man I suck at this.


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It took me almost two days but it's finally done! I've finished cataloging and writing up all the stuff I have to sell, and have organized it onto it's own community to save my flist from getting spammed too much.

HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] purasellsstuff

I've got a lot of doujinshi (mostly Axel/Roxas), merchandise from lots of different fandoms (including apparel, figurines plush toys etc), video games, DVDs, manga -- you name it, it's probably there.

I'd really appreciate if you could maybe take a look and think about buying a few items. A lot of it is to go toward rent and food payments for when I get back to university, so no matter how small the purchase it's really going to help me.

Sorry to be begging guys but I'm quite worried and shifting a lot of this stuff would be SO helpful. I'm going to let my flist have at it for a couple of days before I start advertising in communities, so if you see something you want you can nab it before the rest of LJ can see it.

Thanks <3
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I hope you all had a good holiday and New Year! 2010 sounds like a good year :) I haven't really posted in a while because I've been busy with a lot of off internet things since I've not been home in like 2 months and family came to stay from Bermuda and then there was a party and then [livejournal.com profile] otilu was here and it's been a little crazy. The house is back to being empty again, and mom's started to take down all the Christmas decorations (it's kind of sad 8( The house looks so pretty with them up) and I've got one week left before I go back to University.

I'm not sure if I'm dreading it or looking forward to it. I have two projects to hand in a couple days after I get back, neither of which I've really worked on since I've been at home, so I'm not looking forward to the all-nighters and stress that is going to go with that, but I do miss my little room and my friends. I dunno. It's weird I guess. Especially since I'm not really happy with my course and the only bits I do enjoy are the social aspects of it. Euugh. Pura make your mind up.

I think the fact that I'm very sleep deprived because I had to share my bed with my sister last night (since our extended family were still with us) and she snores so loudly that I couldn't sleep and i have work in 10 minutes and my shoulder is killing me from walking around London all yesterday with my father and his brother, it's making me grumpy. I just want to go back to bed, but I know that the moment I get back from work I have to sit down and start school work and keep at it as late as I can. Which means I'll be hecka scarce from the internet for like a week. But if I work as well as doing my schoolwork, hopefully I can finally buy my plane tickets for this summer. I've almost got enough money, just another £200 should do it, hopefully. Once those are actually booked, I'm going to feel a whole lot better.

So yeah! I'm not going to be around much at all over the next couple of weeks. I'll probably still be doing tags, but at a really slow pace.

IN OTHER NEWS I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] countersparking again the other weekend (Maria you are so cute omg), along with [livejournal.com profile] otilu and [livejournal.com profile] ormery, and we all went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movies, which I thought was rather excellent and I'm probably going to see it again sometime this week or next. Derp. I'm also probably seeing Avatar when I go back to uni with one of my friends since she's been obsessing over it since she read about it's production, and whilst I'm a little skeptical about the plot, I'll still give it a go.


That is all. Carry on.
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Back in my teeny tiny university room again~! The journey wasn't too perilous, though my exhaustion and a heavy suitcase didn't bode well to begin with. I also didn't write my Chase app or do tags on the train and instead overlevelled my pokemon on LeafGreen and kicked Brock's ass so hard that he wishes I didn't kick his ass so hard. BUT I got given coupons for free cookies which was pretty sweet :D I'm rather tired though. Even if my suitcase wasn't as heavy as it was last time its still a bitch to drag around London underground. Why are there so many staircases and not enough escalators? ESCALATORS ARE MY FRIENDS.

Also found out that the essay that was due for the 27th has been extended slightly till the 1st which is a slight relief. I also also found out that we could do either Problems with representation (eg how women are represented in animation) or stuff about realism. Since I've already started reading on realism I figure I should stick with that and I kind of wanted to do the Female in Animation for my dissertation 8( Oh well.

Oh god birthday weekend is looming too. Four birthdays in the space of four days. Its a good thing I've already gotten Hannah and Dad something. I just have to get [livejournal.com profile] otilu something. YOU ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO SHOP FOR. I kind of want to send you bath bombs and foot skin scrubbers for the most epic lols. And so you have something to put on that shelf that you cleared out that used to inhabit all those unwanted birthday bath kits you got. Har har har >:D

Note to self: Call Hannah and Dad on Friday to wish them happy birthday and get them a card, and stop staring at the birthday envelopes on the top of the fridge, you cant open them till Sunday >:c

I have also decided that August cannot come fast enough. want me some 356/2 days.


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