Dec. 9th, 2010 03:55 pm
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Sorry about the last entry. Turns out I was fretting for nothing, since on Monday, the day of the hand in, my Tutor informed us that, yes, this is part of our degree grade, but the majority of the marking wont be done till second hand in in February which is where the majority of our grade will come from. So I was working myself up into a state for PRE MUCH NOTHING.

I did get lots of work done though, not as much as I had wanted, but enough. And of course, the Sunday night, the night before hand in, Tumblr decided to commit suicide for over 24 hours, making it impossible for me to update my blog. The blog that I have to hand in as part of my production journal. The blog I actually started BEFORE the hand in unlike my usual rush at the end. JUST MY FUCKING LUCK, NO? If it was going to die, it had to be on that day. I'm moving all my university stuff to Blogspot now, because Tumblr has just been too unreliable, and I cannot afford for it to do that again on an actual IMPORTANT hand in. Which SUCKS because as far as I know, Blogspot doesn't have a backup tool like tumblr does. RHGHN

But yeah, I got the animatic done, and a couple of short animations, but my tutor told me that it did not reflect the amount of time I've had, because of all the stuff I've been struggling with. I'm going to do some work over the winter break to try and get something WORTH handing in, because I cannot let my brain fuck up my degree. I won't let it >:[

If anyone wants to see the animatic for my final film, it's here. Any feedback on stuff you think needs changing would be great. The music was written for us by a second year in the creative sound and music course, but we gave her the wrong animatic to time it to which is why it's a little short.

But yeah now I am recovering from all that stress and I'm back at home with my parents. There's still some snow on the ground, and we decorated the Christmas tree yesterday, and I've spent the majority of my time at home so far with my sister playing half life 2 and portal, and watching Glee. It's really great to be home, and to have not to worry (at least for a little while) about University. It's nice to get back into things I like, like RPing and icon making and drawing for ME, as well as seeing my sister omg I have not seen her in like 3 months sdjkgjkfhd

Man, I cannot WAIT for this degree to be over.
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It has been one of those months that I kept meaning to update LJ but updating LJ would mean I would have to blither on about what has happened in my life, so I don't because I can't be assed to write a super long entry, which just makes it worse because it means I don't update it more and it makes the subsequent LJ entry longer.

SO WE ARE STICKING TO BULLET POINTS FOR NOW and I'm going to post more substantial posts in the future I promise.


• Dyed my forever blonde bit of my hair, blue. (pic here)
• Had an awesome halloween at home with [livejournal.com profile] peypea and [livejournal.com profile] virtualdon where much candy corn and rocky horror was had
• Sold my Kingdom Hearts Keyblades for £145. Fuck YES.
• Finished an art commission for [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin that I've been trying to finish for months! Was super proud of it. (it is here)
• Got pissed off at THE DICKS AT DeviantArt, and made a Tumblr to spam with my art instead and to further increase my closet hipster status (which is here)
• Had a break down about university ONLY A MONTH IN (THAT'S A NEW RECORD!)
• Started playing Crowley from Supernatural over at Dear_mun (and I'm probably apping him at [livejournal.com profile] theposthumans)
• Got mild case of flu/really bad cold, which mixed with my anxiety made for the perfect conditions for doing university work (not really)
• Got a load of Christmas shopping done YES I AM EARLY THIS YEAR
• AQUIRED GUINEA PIGS not here, but at my parent's house. They are two boys, and my sister named hers Diego and mine is called Napoleon and is a rosette so has constant bedhead AND HE IS ADORBS (here is a picture Napoleon is the fluffy one)
• Due to cold, had lots of spare time on hands where brain would really only work with watching things. So finished three seasons of The Venture Bros. and Misfits.
• WENT TO SEE THE DOCTOR WHO CAST turn on the Cardiff Christmas lights. IT WAS FAB and fucking cold.
• Was told by my dad that I could use some of my Bermuda savings account to pay for a new laptop since mine is pretty much on its last legs, SO I COULD HAVE A MAC WITHIN THE MONTH SCREAMS.
• Had a counselling review session, and was booked for another six weeks, but I'm showing a LOT of improvement, so we know it's been helping me.
• Made apple cake from the apple tree in our flat's garden. It's fucking delicious.

AND I THINK THAT'S IT. There was some stuff I wanted to go into detail about but whatever, I don't want to be here all evening.

But auugh I am so behind with work. Thanks to procrastination and those couple of days I was really sick I've been thrown off track. I NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK AND STOP GETTING DISTRACTED but I'm working on my grad film tumblr so I need access to internet otherwise I can't do work. And the temptation to look to see who is on AIM or check my flist IS TOO GREAT. Man I suck at this.




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