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Mom bought the house Sky recently (for all you non-britons, its basically cable) and for a while we only had the most basic package since she didn't want to pay extra for channels she wouldn't watch? Cept then me and Hannah complained, and since the music channels and the kids channels were only £2 extra she let us have it. (take a wild guess which one I wanted 8D)

BUT ONE THING IS I wish Cartoon Network didn't play random episodes of TV shows in no particular order. Seriously, I was watching X-Men: Evolution today and I went from Kurt first getting there to the last episode of the season when everything EXPLODED and then back to when Kitty got there. SERIOUSLY GUYS HOW HARD IS IT TO PLAY THEM IN ORDER? I WANT TO WATCH THEM IN ORDER 8( Same goes for Teen Titans, but at least I've watched that series to death so it doesn't matter as much.. seriously I could tell you which season and which EPISODE NUMBER it was oh god

Of course all this watching of X-Men Evo and Teen Titans has not only helped my Beast Boy muse wake up a little, but it has also apparently given me a Evo!Quicksilver muse. I seriously don't need TWO JERK SPEEDSTERS IN MY MUSE SPACE GOOD GOD.

..pietro and tommy are totally partners in crime oh god

EDIT:I have also been drawing a little since my tablet broke, so here, have a knitting ampharos: )
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I promise I'll start updating with less... boring entries.

So I called Dell this morning, since I ran out of time to do so yesterday, and because they aren't sure if its the actual powercable or the computer thats got the problem, they are sending a man out to replace my motherboard and replace my powercord. For free. I was pretty sure my warranty was used up so this is a major plus for me :D :D But I'm not sure if I want him replacing my motherboard! Will that get rid of all my files? Because I DO NOT WANT.

In other news I finally got round to getting an external harddrive, 250GB one, which I am going to fill up with X-Men Evolution and Teen Titans :D.

ALSO EXPO IS THIS WEEKEND AND I HAVE NO IDEA IF I AM COSPLAYING OR NOT! Probably not because I'm hella lazy and have no money :/ my other two friends will be idk. I'll feel out of place? I could always dig out my old Jiraiya cosplay, but idk if I want to or not. I was also planning on doing Pence from KH2 and Molly in her security outfit from Runaways, but without skills in sewing, lack of time and money, I wont get it done for Friday 8( boo.

At least this will leave me with money to spend on merch if I see anything I want (extra keyblades for my playarts and TTGL posters. But thats about it :|a) BUT IDK. Its always been more about the cosplay and seeing friends than the actual event. (BTW GUYS WHO ARE GOING, HOW THE HELL ARE WE GETTING THERE? The DLR is down! As per fucking usual. Can we walk from Canning Town?)
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So like. This Friday, I gave up on editing and went to my semester assessment for my grades so far. Cause I handed in my essay late it hasn't been marked yet (that and they appear to have LOST it |:<) and they haven't marked the Manifesto project yet, even though its been in for MONTHS, but I got a grade and feedback for my character performance piece (that was the 6 exercises) and I got B for it. I'm pretty happy! I thought I'd do worse!

After assessment I went to go get Squeaky and some more veggies from the Newport market. And from buying vegetables and getting on a bus to go home, I lost my wallet! Its really annoying because I had to cancel my debit card but moreso because I lost lots of things which are pretty irreplaceable - silly purikura photos to be exact. It was a really nice wallet too, one of my favorites so far, AND it had a Chii's Sweet Home keychain on it that I am most upset about losing. :C Oh and then theres the whole, has my Student Rail Card, University ID card, Starbucks credit card in it which are going to be a pain in the butt to replace. Oh well. Maybe if someone finds it and they are feeling nice they'll return it to the university. I cant do anything about it till I get my new card anyways. SIGH. So pissed about that.

BUT I've been inhabiting space with [livejournal.com profile] squeakyorm which is lovely! I get to test out experimental cooking on it and everything. And we've been having a Teen Titans marathon. We started in the middle of Season two, and now we are almost at the end of Season Five. :D So thats why I've been a little absent for the past couple of days. On Monday my lessons actually start, and later on I have to edit the film we've been working on. (which totally is gonna blow, but whatever, I've stopped caring)

SO YEAH. BE BACK MONDAY EVENING I GUESS? :D have a good one guys <3
wow long post is long and rambly
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I had a [livejournal.com profile] squeakyorm inhabiting my house for the past few days, which was lovely. It's seriously reawakening my love for DC comics. AAA. It's making it's work get me some of the Titans Go! Trade paperbacks and I am like ffffffkfkhghjgjnfm. WE SPENT MOST OF THOSE TWO DAYS, BTW, WATCHING TEEN TITANS. FUCK YES. but of course meant that I was dead to the internet. DID I MISS ANYTHING GAIZ?

Other than that, I'm somewhat better from my cold, and I'm back at University now (SO LONG REGULAR MEALS, SOB SOB). I also have that 2000 word essay to write still.. I'll get to it eventually, seeing as its due Wednesday. Ahaha. D8

Its also occurred to me that I should maybe sell some of my Doujinshi. The exchange rate is good for me to sell to the states, and all my doujin is just collecting dust, and I really need the money. All of it is good condition, and the art is good in most of them. Would anyone be at all interested in buying any? I'll probably post it on the kh yaoi LJ, but I was gonna open it up to my flist first. I've got, 11 AxelRoxas (most of which are pretty pagey books), 1 SasoDei (Contrail), 1 KakashiObito and 1 AllenLavi.

If anyone shows any interest I'll do a photo post. No idea how much I'm going to sell them for, seeing as a lot of them vary in size and content - for example I have FineFineFine! (AxelRoxas) volumes one and two are lumped into one book, so that would be more expensive than volume three which is on its own. But if you express any interest, let me know C:


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