Dec. 26th, 2010 03:05 am
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I HOPE YOU GUYS HAD A GOOD CHRISTMAS IF YOU CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAY. I would've updated sooner, but I literally only just managed to break away and get to my computer at 2:45 in the morning because we had a late Christmas since my Dad was working all day. We just finished playing really violent card game called Spoons, and to anyone who is familiar with the game will know how I came away with a bruised nail and a cut and how I also wrestled my sister to the floor for a spoon. It was pretty good to do a later Christmas though! It meant we weren't opening presents till like 10pm so it wasn't all over and done in the morning and it made the day seem a lot longer and relaxed.

I got a lot of nice things including the first Termeraire book which I've been wanting my own copy for a while, some textbooks for school, some shirts, and some cute boots! I also got Green Day Rock Band (which now makes me think of [livejournal.com profile] deltashade and [livejournal.com profile] artgasming WITHOUT FAIL because of that epic afternoon we had) but my mom didn't realise that you needed instruments BUT THAT'S COOL because I got a bit of money from some other relatives. Anyone know where I can get cheap ass rock band equipment in the UK? I looked on amazon but couldn't find anything under £140 HRRG

My mother got the best present from my grandmother. None of us understand it at all. It is a small piece of wood, with two frogs on it. One of them is licking a butterfly and the word ZAP! is pictured above them in glitter font. Here is a picture of it:

NONE OF US KNOW WHAT IS IS? It's like the size of a cup coaster, and doesn't have any hanging parts or anything and there is only one of it, and my mother sort of looked at it and was like UM...

I love my nan so much she is so random sometimes.

But yeah! It was a relaxed but nice Christmas.

I HOPE YOU GUYS HAD A GOOD ONE <3 I am going to pass out now.
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So I finally have enough money to even consider buying a new tablet! Hopefully I'm going into London tomorrow and getting it \o\ I want the new Bamboo so bad ;A; the biggest one too. GOD why am I such a Wacom sellout. I've really been finding it hard to cope without a tablet. Its frustrating because I have TWO PERFECTLY GOOD ONES, they just refuse to listen to me SIGH. Hopefully I'll be able to find a cheap scanner too, since I've not had a scanner for like.. a year and a half. 8|a

BUT TODAY! I walked to work with my sister who works in the same place as me on Fridays, and we passed a Charity shop that had a few of the stuff it sells outside the shop? And there, sitting on a fugly couch, was an acoustic guitar, with about two strings. I didn't think anything of it, since I was late for work, and it was only till I was about 2 hours in that I decided that I WANTED THAT GUITAR FOR NO GOOD REASON! So my sister went to get it in her break! The lady at the shop had two guitars she was selling, one without strings and the one I'd seen before. She wanted more money for the one with the two strings apparently, because it HAD TWO STRINGS, but according to Hannah it was in really bad condition. SO she got me the other one.

So now I have an Acoustic guitar, without strings and with slightly rusty tuning peg things for £3 (about $5). Hannah's boyfriend said that he'd be happy to go with me to a guitar shop to get the pegs replaced, and he'll restring it for free (he's in a band and plays lead electric 8D). \o\ SO PURA IS GOING TO LEARN GUITAR. Or try. I've also decided that I'm going to get a absurdly coloured ukulele (I SAW A NEON GREEN ONE LAST TIME I WAS IN THE MUSIC SHOP, I WANTED IT SO HARD) at some point, since they are smaller and easier to learn from I think. But I AM EXCITED. More than I probably should be orz.


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