Dec. 9th, 2010 03:55 pm
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Sorry about the last entry. Turns out I was fretting for nothing, since on Monday, the day of the hand in, my Tutor informed us that, yes, this is part of our degree grade, but the majority of the marking wont be done till second hand in in February which is where the majority of our grade will come from. So I was working myself up into a state for PRE MUCH NOTHING.

I did get lots of work done though, not as much as I had wanted, but enough. And of course, the Sunday night, the night before hand in, Tumblr decided to commit suicide for over 24 hours, making it impossible for me to update my blog. The blog that I have to hand in as part of my production journal. The blog I actually started BEFORE the hand in unlike my usual rush at the end. JUST MY FUCKING LUCK, NO? If it was going to die, it had to be on that day. I'm moving all my university stuff to Blogspot now, because Tumblr has just been too unreliable, and I cannot afford for it to do that again on an actual IMPORTANT hand in. Which SUCKS because as far as I know, Blogspot doesn't have a backup tool like tumblr does. RHGHN

But yeah, I got the animatic done, and a couple of short animations, but my tutor told me that it did not reflect the amount of time I've had, because of all the stuff I've been struggling with. I'm going to do some work over the winter break to try and get something WORTH handing in, because I cannot let my brain fuck up my degree. I won't let it >:[

If anyone wants to see the animatic for my final film, it's here. Any feedback on stuff you think needs changing would be great. The music was written for us by a second year in the creative sound and music course, but we gave her the wrong animatic to time it to which is why it's a little short.

But yeah now I am recovering from all that stress and I'm back at home with my parents. There's still some snow on the ground, and we decorated the Christmas tree yesterday, and I've spent the majority of my time at home so far with my sister playing half life 2 and portal, and watching Glee. It's really great to be home, and to have not to worry (at least for a little while) about University. It's nice to get back into things I like, like RPing and icon making and drawing for ME, as well as seeing my sister omg I have not seen her in like 3 months sdjkgjkfhd

Man, I cannot WAIT for this degree to be over.


Dec. 18th, 2009 10:23 am
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So it's starting to look very likely that I'm not actually going to get home tonight. There's so much snow back in the South East that my dad couldn't get out of the driveway to go to work. And my dad never misses a day of work. Seriously, he once went in with a high fever only to be sent home because he was hallucinating.

But if the roads are like that, I dread to think what the trains will be like. I checked on the website to see if they'd been canceled or delayed, but so far everything is good to go. I guess we'll see when I get to London. If they are canceled, I'll be STUCK IN LONDON. Which I guess isn't a bad thing since my cousin lives in London and is actually going to Crowborough tomorrow anyways, so he's offered me a lift if I can't get a train home, which is super nice of him.

According to my mother, people have been abandoning cars. Apparently, my dad met some guy who had left his car at a pub in the middle of nowhere and walked back to Crowborough. Which, doesn't sound that amazing, till you find out that it's a 7 mile hike. In snow. 8|

anyways here are a few pictures my mom/sister took this morning:


What the shit England, why is it snowing in December?. It never snows before March in the south east WHAT IS GOING ON 8|

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SO I'm home now. Packed as much as I could into my suitcase and almost broke my back around London dragging it, but I'm home.

OF COURSE, I was in such a discombobulated rush the morning i left that I packed up my suitcase, put my computer in my bag, and then left my power cable plugged into the wall. Suffice to say that I don’t have enough battery to last me two weeks 8| I needed to order a new one anyways, so I'm going to call Dell tomorrow and see how much it'll cost me and how long it'll take to get here, so till then I'm confined to my mothers computer which I have to battle my whole family for. It’s also really fucking slow, the keyboard is weird as fuck, and I hate using it so I'll be really scarce till I get my new power cord. I can still check my email and stuff via my ipod, but typing on there is a pain, so I’ll not be around at all in the late evenings :C

I’ll still be tagging and stuff but not as fast as usual (which, lets face it, I’ve been hella slow with ANYWAYS) and I should be back in a week if Dell send me a new cable. If not, then see you sometime after the 28th 8|

ugh I hate internet explorer so much. give me my firefox lj logins and spellcheck back ;A;

at least I have an excuse to start a new game on Twilight Princess 8|a
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Going home today, for Easter! I think I'd be more excited if I didn't have to do as much work as I've been given, BUT HEY. DOUBLE BED. fhjsgg. (but seriously, 2000 word essay, and two separate projects.) I don't understand why we have to go back. Basically, we go back to Uni from Easter (I get two weeks off) and then have two weeks of classes/finishing projects and then we're finished. A LITTLE POINTLESS IF YOU ASK ME, but hey what do I know.

I am not looking forward to dragging that heavy suitcase around the London underground, 'specially since London Paddington has a fuckton of steps. ;__; last time I did it, my back was killing me. Cries.

- also, I met a guy last night called Slade. He had bright purple hair and a lip ring. I couldn't take him seriously all evening (which is good since he's kind of a really funny guy) because I kept thinking of TT Slade and what Robin would do if he found out Slade was actually a 20 year-old history student who spends his evenings wishing he was smart enough to build a time machine and bring back Napoleon so that he didn't have to do his essay.


Mar. 7th, 2009 12:17 am
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Just a quick update to tell you all that I'm safely at home and not only did I play Mario Kart on the Wii with my mom till 11pm, but me and my rents just spent the last hour and a half singing really really badly to old 80's hits. Really badly. And really loudly. I have no longer got my voice.

Fuck yes we're so cool.

I definitely needed this break. Tomorrow I get to make a list of all my manga books and email them to a store in London who is going to buy them off of me. Yay \o\


(sob i hate using internet without firefox spellcheck ;;)


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