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Do you know what is the most frustrating? It is the most frustrating when you're boss says to you 'I don't know if I'll need you next week, but I'll text you to let you know.' This means you never know when she'll text you at the last minute to ask you to come in, and because you didn't work all of last week because it was so quiet, you cannot afford to refuse any of the days she offers you. Which means, you cannot ever make plans because if you get a text asking you to come in you'd have to refuse it. WHICH MEANS YOU ARE WAITING BY YOUR PHONE ALL DAY FOR A TEXT THAT USUALLY NEVER COMES.

/flips a fucking table.

She did that to me this morning, so instead of spending the day helping my mother finish the decorating on a cake that has to be done by tomorrow, I have to go into work. Which, I mean. YAY MONEY, but BOO having to cancel on my mom, because she really needs the help. But it's a case of who is paying me, and who isn't.

Going to be setting up a sales post sometime in the next couple of days, to try and raise some money for rent and just to get rid of some of my stuff that I never use. I just don't think that work is busy enough for me to be able to get it all before I leave on the 26th, so I'm worrying about it a lot more. My post will have Doujinshi, figures and accessories, pins, DVDs, a couple of shirts and a hoody, videogames, plush toys, japanese cosplay magazines and there will probably be my big list of manga (hell if i am photographing over 200 books) if anyone is interested. I WOULD APPRECIATE if people bought things, so I don't you know. Go into my overdraft before I've even moved into my house 8( sob.


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