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SO I'M BACK IN WALES YET AGAIN. After the explosions with my parents I'm sort of glad I left (because the night before I left my aunt decided it was HER turn to make me feel like a worthless piece of lazy ass which is always fun) even though it means the dawning of a new year and the fact that I'm supposed to be graduating in uhhhh 5 months? AHAHA. Fuck my life.

My room is still balls cold, and I have to resort to wearing gloves when I'm working up here on stuff. I actually used the heater for the first time in ages because oh my god I was so fucking cold under a winter duvet and a blanket and hats and gloves and socks and a kigu that I needed the extra warmth.



YOUNG AVENGERS CHILDREN'S CRUSADE ISSUE 4 CAME OUT and I was very disappoint. Come on Heinburg, Tommy is not 15, and I know you are fixing that but god. Way to make me feel skeevy about playing him for a second there fdjknhfjknfhd. Other than the horrifying lack of Tommy in that issue, I liked it a lot! Did not expect the ending and was all :O when it happened and blah blah blah everyone who this matters too is already all over this. HERP. Trust me for being late to the flail party over LJ but I assure you much flailing was done over twitter (which I have been using a lot more recently I think I am addicted) and AIM.

ALSO [livejournal.com profile] virtualdon gave me my late Christmas present, which is the Axel Formation Arts figure that is only available in Japan and I flipped out. I put him together straight away and oh my god I love his face so fucking much I am actually beside myself. I also got my presents from [livejournal.com profile] batfowl (THANK YOU SWEETIE!) She sent me a pretty bracelet and Cupcake rice paper toppers with fucking Shiba Inu puppies on them. They will be the most adorable cupcakes I will ever create I don't even.

And idk if I said this before but my flat mates pooled together and got me a Raikou plushie AND HE IS SO CUTE I DON'T EVEN??? I am forming an electric type plushie ARMY (I have a Jolteon, Ampharos, Elekid, Rotom and Raikou now :D Blitzle and Emonga are on the LIST as well as Luxray if I could ever fucking find it for less than a billion dollars) but I am glad in the knowledge that I'll never be as bad as this even though I am super jealous of like pretty much everything she owns.

Oh I just realised I am rambling. HERP.

ONE LAST THING I GUESS, I was saved today by my tutors who decided to extend the dissertation draft final for another 10 days, as I was really starting to work myself up into a state over the fact that I didn't do as much work over Christmas as I thought I would've. I'm going to aim to try and finish it this week and get a couple people to read it and I'm aiming to do the full 8,000 words to make it easier when the deadline comes around again. And we have deadlines in February and I have to do so much work that I'm thinking about setting up a 9-5 work regime to see if I can actually motivate myself every day to do SOMETHING. Wish me and my procrastinator of a brain luck guys.

It's going to be a bumpy year BUT HOPEFULLY it'll all be worth it in the end and I'll never have to write another fucking essay or use Harvard referencing ever fucking again. >:(

also I promise I wrote this journal not drunk even though it totally seems like I am.
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And so starts the cycle that is the horror of working in an ironing shop.

I started up again today, mostly because she sent me a really frantic text earlier whilst I was fighting a final fantasy 13 boss (she totally threw off my groove and I ended up just turning the xbox off because I was LOSING) and I went in for the afternoon. It wasn’t that bad, just boring as fuck, and we’ve still not discussed my paycheck. I’m hoping i got that raise she was promising me, but who fucking knows. I’m just really worried that working there every day is going to drain me, and I’m not going to have any energy to do anything other than play video games or read stupid comics, when I should be reading text books for my dissertation and drawing concept art for my final film. Which still needs script development and shit, but right now if I even look at it I feel sick.

AND I WAS GOING TO LONDON ON TUESDAY... but I’m an idiot and thought Scott Pilgrim came out a day earlier than it actually does, so it’s not out till Wednesday. So I totally asked for the wrong day off work, and now I have no idea if I’ll be free on Wednesday even though I sent my boss a text at like 6pm telling her I can come in tomorrow instead of having it off in exchange for Wednesday. I’m pretty sure she already hates me again and will make me work both days for just screwing with her schedules OTL.

But at least it gave me a day to read the whole of Scott Pilgrim before I see it. Took me about four hours of solid reading, and I really enjoyed it a lot. And possibly have a Wallace muse but I’m not promising anything.




Dec. 24th, 2009 10:43 am
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I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF AND MADE ICONS I'll link them so as not to spoil anyone. (Feel free to gank them, just credit me or [livejournal.com profile] chaicons)


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Oct. 19th, 2009 05:02 am
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So I just finished Days.

I don't think I've actually cried this hard for a video game or a movie ever before. Oh my god my chest is aching and my eyes wont stop leaking. I'm even shaking. I'm not even kidding.

There's no way I'm getting to sleep now gfndkjnfdjkhfd

Possibly a review of what I thought of it later, when I can actually... form coherent thoughts.
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God don't you hate it when you think you are going to app for someone at an RP, and then go to reserve them, knowing full well that they aren't reserved, to only find someone beat you to it LAST NIGHT. Someone who has characters in the rp already. The only reason I didn't reserve sooner was because I knew I wouldn't be able to get the app in. I'm working on that film all week this week, and then I've got [livejournal.com profile] squeakyorm over on the weekend, so I'd have no time for apps at all. Fffff. I'm kinda pissed with myself for not doing it sooner.

And I was really looking forward to getting my Axel muse out in a rp again, specially since Remi really wanted me there. And Elle signed up for Yuffie too. Maaaaaan. Damnit. Sorry Remi and Nai. Someone beat me to it and I'm kinda bummed about it.

I guess this will let me focus on my damn schoolwork then.
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I had a [livejournal.com profile] squeakyorm inhabiting my house for the past few days, which was lovely. It's seriously reawakening my love for DC comics. AAA. It's making it's work get me some of the Titans Go! Trade paperbacks and I am like ffffffkfkhghjgjnfm. WE SPENT MOST OF THOSE TWO DAYS, BTW, WATCHING TEEN TITANS. FUCK YES. but of course meant that I was dead to the internet. DID I MISS ANYTHING GAIZ?

Other than that, I'm somewhat better from my cold, and I'm back at University now (SO LONG REGULAR MEALS, SOB SOB). I also have that 2000 word essay to write still.. I'll get to it eventually, seeing as its due Wednesday. Ahaha. D8

Its also occurred to me that I should maybe sell some of my Doujinshi. The exchange rate is good for me to sell to the states, and all my doujin is just collecting dust, and I really need the money. All of it is good condition, and the art is good in most of them. Would anyone be at all interested in buying any? I'll probably post it on the kh yaoi LJ, but I was gonna open it up to my flist first. I've got, 11 AxelRoxas (most of which are pretty pagey books), 1 SasoDei (Contrail), 1 KakashiObito and 1 AllenLavi.

If anyone shows any interest I'll do a photo post. No idea how much I'm going to sell them for, seeing as a lot of them vary in size and content - for example I have FineFineFine! (AxelRoxas) volumes one and two are lumped into one book, so that would be more expensive than volume three which is on its own. But if you express any interest, let me know C:
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She is introduced as member No.14 into Organization XIII. Similar to Roxas, she is one of the few wielders of the Keyblade. Probably since it's a common feature between them, she seems to get along with Roxas well, and opportunities to hang out with both Roxas and Axel increase. Triggered by events during missions, she comes to gradually doubt her own existence.

(if someone could verify these translations, I'd be most obliged.)

Okay so on reflection of the translated trailer I'm beginning to pull some ideas together for Axel's raeg halfway through for the lines:

"Stop fooling around! What do you take me for? I've decided. No matter how often you guys run away, I'll bring you back every time."

Now when I first saw this, the translations weren't available, and it was indicating that it wasn't plural. Because of the new ones, and this new information, I can see Xion questioning her existence to the point of getting Roxas to question his. And if she runs away to try and discover her true self, I think she could probably talk Roxas into going with her. Why sit in the Organization if they can go find answers about themselves and the keyblades? Yeah. I can see Roxas leaving with her. And if Roxas leaves, Axel gets angry.

I think I could like Xion if this happened, because I can honestly see Roxas doing that, but Axel cannot like her. He'd probably be interested with her, and tolerate her, but like her? Nhhrn. I'm so worried about this game. (but fuck yes, multiplayer)

Elle raises some very good points over here -> http://otilu.livejournal.com/50219.html Please give them a look over?
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Yup. Even though Halloween kind of sucked cause my friends boyfriend was over and they started having an argument when I was there (AWKWARD), and the uni one was more aimed at the jocks, I STILL LIKED DRESSING UP. No candy was consumed though. this is a sad day. Wales you Fail.

My nose is now red from the fake blood :< (also, do I not make the most awesome facial expressions ever)

I did however draw some Luls fanart of Axel and Roxas.

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axel test run. messy make up and bad wig warning. :'D

click for fotoz )

need to stop with the pouting. geez.
also, the wig is kind of shitty. Okay for casual axel cause I'm just gonna tie it up, but not good for orgy axel. good thing I wont be doing him anytime soon. Maybe I should get a wig commission :/
OVERALL I like it, but its rushed, last minute but I dont care. Would be better with other bits and bobs, but it'll do.

lmfao I am so going to get judged for being short and stout and crappy wig. OH WELL.
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I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] sira this morning, and she mentioned that she was scanning things. This got me to thinking that maybe I should scan some of my Axel/Roxas Doujin, considering that I have so much of it, and that scans are pretty rare. SO heres gonna be a list of the Doujinshi that I've scanned.

Today i've only done two cause I ran out of time (using my friends scanner, and we had to go to a lecture) and they are both in Japanese. But part of the reason for me scanning them is a hope that someone will translate for me :D I was thinking about posting on [livejournal.com profile] khyaoi even though these two are actually tame as fuck. More baw fluff than anything.

- Comment if you are taking please~ c:



K. omg I cant wait to go home :c
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This is just me rambling about my reaction to KH 358/2 days trailer which I only just saw. B|
For those of you who haven't seen it with subs:

So I finally got my youtube working again (it was being weird and not letting me watch any videos) and I went looking for this trailer, and I found the subbed ones. Although I'm excited about this game - theres no doubt about that; I am also pretty skeptical about what they are going to do with Xion, Axel and Roxas. TBH she's seeming to be a pretty big mary-sue if you ask me.

That bit with Axel shouting at her, it gives the impression that Xion means something to him, and that would directly conflict with his dying statement to Sora in KH2 which is 'He was the only one I ever liked.' Plus I think it would change his characterization. Same with the bit with Roxas. It pisses me the fuck off to see Axel giving a shit about anyone other than Roxas. I mean, come on. What. >B| There is a shitload of things that don't make sense and conflict with the first three games and I am so worried that the characterizations of Axel and Roxas are going to be compromised so that they can fit Xion in.

It sucks, mainly because the majority of the people looking forward to this game ship Axel/Roxas, and the general idea that fandom has was that it was meant to be a game about them.

I don't know. I can only make presumptions and theorize, but I find myself very very wary and skeptical of this game now.

I'm still gonna get it, but man. I hope they don't completely change Axel and Roxas for the sake of retconning.

seriously what the fuck Nomura
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I am so tired, [livejournal.com profile] squeakyorm WHY DO YOU ALWAYS TAKE SO MUCH OUT OF ME. fff
It came to see me for the weekend. Thanks for coming, Squeak butt, I liked having someone else to TALK TO AND HUG AND ;_; i miss you already.

on the way home from dropping it off at the train station, I drew a six year old axel, I thought I would share. its lulz. and cute.



- Oh and Nai? Please feel better soon. I'm worrying about you.
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Nurrr okay so the internet at home is mocking me.

It keeps deciding it wants to die, and then I emo and wangst about it and go do something more constructive with my time, and then it switches back on. I think its telling me I should take a break from it.

That or it hates me.

Buying the wood for Chakrams and Keyblades on Saturday :D Also! GOT A NEW DS KJSKD ITS SO PRETTY AND RED AND UGH. I keep petting it. Nngnhhgn. But I also spent about £40 on makeup and hairporducts because I was so low. That’s about $80 all you amerigays. Yeah. |:
Hnn what else. Getting my hair trimmed and bits bleached and dyed some point next week. My friend Ania came over and saw what the hairdresser did and was like I CANT HAVE YOU WALKING AROUND WITH THAT HAIR! And I was like I KNOW MAN. And she is gonna cut it for me and actually put some layers in like I asked the stupid hairdresser to, which she ignored. Rgh.


Have some retarded photos of me being retarded.

camwhore )

purikura )

Also! Happy belated birthday to [personal profile] sira!! I'll be sending something out when I get a chance too and I am doodling something for yew c: <3 ILU BBY

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going to Abersoch in Wales with [profile] otilu tomorrow, and we are staying in an apartment near to the coast and boating and beaching and being awesome. (we will also be scheming behind certain paranoia!mod's back, buahaha.) But of course, no internet for a week. OH WELL. I have books to read, CoM to play, and things to draw.

Its gonna be pretty awesome though. cept for the fact that by the time I get back, squeaky will have left the country for France. :C No epic AU rp for three whole weeks. I think my Axel muse might cry if he wasn't too manly too. (shutup, the crystalline tear does not count) Hopefully by the time she gets back I'll have some chakrams to show off. I want to mount them on my wall at uni :C

Anyways, don't miss me too much. like you would, lol.


Jun. 23rd, 2008 10:28 pm
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I made some cookies this evening. The usual, star shaped sugar cookies with Royal icing, start shaped cinnamon sugar cookies and thumbprint cookies. they all look so tasty. I made them for squeaky, who I am seeing on Wednesday \o/


i think this officially makes me a little too obessed with Axel and Roxas 8|
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EDIT OF AWESOME new journal layout~!! ISNT IT CUTE?!

Week one of work – complete. One more week to go @_@

So hey, how are you guys? I haven’t spoken to many of you lately, and that makes me sad, because PUWA WUBS YEW. Not much has been going on with me except becoming a slave to my tablet and the apple macs at college to try and finish my FMP. Auuughhh it takes so much out of you wtf. Because I’m taking an art foundation, not everyone is animating, and out of the three that are I am middle to completion. So that means, Oliver is almost done, then its me, and then theres Phil.. who apparently hasn’t started yet. And we have barely a week left. Crazy fucker.

Some of you know I’ve been having problems with my keyboard (shutup I CAN spell, its totally the keyboard >___>) and I sent a HALP email to dell because I broke a few of the keys when I cleaned it the other day, and they are sending me a new one hopefully this Monday or Tuesday. That I have to install on my own e_e



Thinking about dropping out of [livejournal.com profile] appledcore, or at least drop to Axel and Obito only. Not sure yet. May well decide against it. Still just thinking.

I’m modding at [livejournal.com profile] cfeit_project which is gonna be an AWESOME plot rp with lots of crazy stuff going on. Take a look~! Its gonna be awesome. I play Axel there, and design the graphics and help with the story and be generally a useless waste of mod powers. Its awesome.

[livejournal.com profile] doomette, are you alright? I haven’t really spoken to you, but from your journals you seem not to be 100% :C I wish I was around more for you. ILU TWINBABY <3

okay, so mini update, DONE.

oh, and one more thing.
be good to each other. <3


Apr. 28th, 2008 10:37 am
I should probably update this. lol.

So yeah, I didn't get into University. Bah. Bastards. And I thought the interview went well D: Its okay though, cause I've gotten over it <3 So don't worry about me.

My birthday was cool! I had a few friends over, and we JUGGLED. Well, I didn't juggle, cause I can barely catch two, but all my other friends were like, doing fancy shamancy tricks with their balls. (rofl) it was fun C: I GOT PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATOURNEY? FUCK ITS ADDICTIVE. I keep wanting to stab Edgeworth. Even if I'm defending him |:

ahaha. I just pulled an all nighter too C:


My Cherry tree is flowering! ITS SO PRETTY. ;____;

Here have some photos.


Okay now that that is out of my system, here, have some [profile] appledcore !Crack.

okay ilu byebye <3


Feb. 18th, 2008 04:20 am
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i just spent lots of money on AkuRoku Doujinshi. Very very very pretty doujinshi. 4 books.

i need to stop >>;

OKAY SO. This is [profile] mizumaru coming at you with my new acount. I've been meaning to change my name for the longest time in the world, cause I hate the old one. bluuhh.

..my axel plushie is hanging out with squeakies roxas. and I find it incredibly cute. ;__;


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